Number Translation Service (NTS)

Free-phone, Local Rate and National Rate calls

Spitfire have a range of NTS services available for clients. NTS numbers are designed to allow companies to have a national presence.

For example, a London based company may be organising a nationwide sales promotion, they may feel that on 020 number will be off-putting for a potential client in Scotland, so an 0845 number provides an excellent solution to this sort of problem.

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The use of numbers starting 08 ensures callers will not be charged any higher than the standard BT rates for these calls. NTS services also cover Premium Rate numbers, all Premium Rate numbers start 09 and must display the call cost in terms of pence per minute and if there is a maximum call cost.

Spitfire are able to provide a range of NTS numbers to customers who have business and marketing requirements for NTS numbers.

NTS numbers work by connecting to a standard host number, which is typically a standard Spitfire/BT landline number. Calls to the NTS number are routed onto Spitfire’s network backbone and then delivered to the host number.

There is a one-off connection charge and a fixed monthly rental charge for each number, plus the cost of the call. The call costs are effectively shared between the owner of the number and the caller, the costs vary depending on the specific service. Rental costs will also vary depending on the desirability of a number, and these are classified as bronze, silver, gold or platinum numbers.

Please call 0800 319 6000 or enquire here for more information or to discuss your requirements further with one of our consultants.

Cost Summary:

Monthly Rental:
Bronze Numbers: £10.00 per month (i.e. 0845-262 0235)
Silver Numbers: £20.00 per month (i.e. 0845-262 0248)
Gold Numbers: £30.00 per month (i.e. 0845-262 0244)
Platinum Numbers: Price on application (i.e. 0845-262 0 262)

Connection charge £50.00

Changes to the cost of calling 084xx, 087xx, 09xxx and 118 Service Numbers

From 1 July 2015, landline and mobile charges for calls to numbers starting 084, 087, 09 and 118,  which are ‘service numbers’ used for finding out information, contacting a business or helpline, or using competition, directory-enquiry, entertainment and voting  services, have changed.

Charges for calls to these service numbers will be made up of an ‘Access Charge’ going to the phone company, plus a ‘Service Charge’ set by the company or organisation being called. Both of these charges will be collected on your monthly bill from Spitfire and we will then pass on the Service Charge proportion of the cost.

Spitfire have set our Access Charge at a rate of 2.0p per minute, which is competitive within the market. Please note that as well as improving clarity of charges, the overall effect of these OFCOM changes will be to increase the cost of calls to Service Numbers in general.

The Access Charge of 2.0p plus the relevant Service Charge set by the number owner will replace all previous charge rates for calls to Service Numbers.

Please note that for customers calling a Spitfire Service Number, the Service Charge rates that apply (in addition to the Access Charge) are as follows:

0843 414 xxxx 5.8333ppm
0872 363 xxxx 10.8333ppm
0845 262 xxxx 4.1667ppm
0870 343 xxxx 1.6667ppm

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