EFM Ethernet (Copper Ethernet) High Speed Internet Circuits

The UK’s leading Copper Ethernet Service from the UKs specialist EFM supplier - now from 2Mb - 35Mb

  • EFM Ethernet : 2Mb EFM from £150.00 per month
  • EFM Ethernet : 10Mb EFM from £220.00 per month
  • EFM Ethernet : 20Mb EFM from £320.00 per month.
  • Now with Free Connection for a limited time ***Save Up to £2,200*** - call now!

Please call 0800 319 6002 or enquire here for more information on EFM Copper Ethernet.



SIP Trunking


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EFM - Copper Ethernet High Speed Internet Access

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) provides low cost high quality fast Internet Access for business.

Save £000’s compared with 2Mb Leased Lines (LES/WES services) – an average saving of over £3,000.00 per annum.

Typical 2Mb Leased Line cost = £500.00 per month or £6,000.00 per annum, compared with 2Mb EFM @ £200.00 per month or £2,400.00 per annum = savings of £3,600.00 per year

EFM circuits are delivered over multi copper cores, giving increased resilience and reliability.

Copper Ethernet provides flexible bandwidth options from 2Mb to 10Mb at a far lower cost than Leased Lines or Fibre Ethernet – bringing it within reach of most small and medium businesses.

Ethernet is the best Internet and site to site connectivity available in the UK today, and Copper Ethernet makes high speed Internet access affordable for most businesses.

EFM SLAs which offer outstanding quality bandwidth, throughput and reliability. Copper Ethernet circuits can also be used for point to point connections or to provide a private MPLS network with shared Internet access breakout.

Performance SLAs on Copper Ethernet

Uptime Availability
Packet loss
Maximum of 0.01%
<10 ms
<3 ms

Spitfire Ethernet Service

Spitfire are one of the UKs leading Ethernet providers with one of the widest product ranges.

Some Key features of our Ethernet service include:

  • Performance defined SLAs with service credits
  • Project Management
  • Managed pre-configured router (optional)
  • SNMP monitoring
  • xDSL backup options

Spitfire EFM Test & Diagnostic Capabilities

  • All circuits individually monitored.
  • Carrier grade network manager.
  • Includes automated hands off provisioning and test and diagnostic enriched alarms
  • Integrated tone generation to identify copper pairs
  • Integrated TDR to identify location of copper line faults
  • Loop stability control to remove flapping copper pairs from service automatically
  • Customer network loopback and full bandwidth tester integrated into service.

Please call 0800 319 6002 or enquire here for more information

* Subject to site survey and availability. Terms and Conditions apply. This offer may be withdrawn at any time




Spitfire EFM Copper Ethernet Service

Spitfire EFM uses the UKs widest and best established EFM network, delivered using BT Wholesale’s core network. This provides some important distinctions between Spitfire EFM and other providers:

  • During 2011 98% of EFM circuits delivered on time within SLA – 25 days.
  • UKs best EFM live coverage – 721 live nodes.
  • You always get the Bandwidth ordered without fail – not best efforts or ‘estimated bandwidth’.
  • 25% ‘headroom’ built in on all installations so you get the ordered bandwidth.
  • EFM is an end to end Ethernet network – not back-hauled across a shared network like some providers.
  • Individual copper pairs are spread across multiple exchange units increasing resilience.
  • Performance defined SLAs.

Hatteras exchange equipment delivering EFM over multiple units:

The BTW EFM Network uses state of the art hardware for delivering Ethernet, with dedicated exchange equipment and CPE equipment – this delivers a different level of consistency compared with EFM providers.

  • Dedicated EFM Equipment.
  • Up to 5 stacked units.
  • Copper pairs connected to different units on a round robin basis.
  • Exchange equipment is connected into the network with a minimum of 2 x 1Gb connections with LAG protection.

Hatteras Customer Premises Equipment:

  • 2 x 4 pair input using bonded hydro cable.
  • Wall or rack mounted.
  • Dedicated EFM Hardware.

Spitfire Ethernet Circuits, VoIP and SIP Trunks

Spitfire Ethernet circuits are ideal for use as a combined voice and data circuit and our experience with SIP and QoS allows us to ensure you get the most from your circuit. Click Here to see our SIP TRUNK PAGE for further information.

Spitfire MPLS & Site to Site High Speed Data Networking Solutions

Spitfire Ethernet forms an ideal basis for an MPLS WAN linking multiple sites. Spitfire MPLS is a fully managed solution and offers an easy method of networking sites together.

Click here for information on Spitfire MPLS and site to site connectivity.

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