SIP and Business VoIP Services – SIP Trunks & SIP Communicator Hosted PBX

Spitfire are one of the UKs leading Business VoIP and SIP Specialists. Call us on 020 7501 3333 to discuss the benefits and cost savings of moving from traditional ISDN30e to a Next Generation VoIP Service :

SIP Trunks – a true business class alternative to ISDN30e – save up to 75% on ISDN30e rental and up to 90% on ISDN30e installation costs. Guaranteed performance, call quality and support. Click Here for info on SIP Trunks

Hosted Telephony – Spitfire SIP Communicator is a business grade hosted telephone system. Offering outstanding flexibilty, call quality and resilience it can be installed and working for less than 40% of a traditional phone system. Click Here for info on SIP Communicator

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SIP VoIP Data Centre

Business VoIP, SIP Trunks and Hosted Telephony

Next Generation Voice Services are now being delivered over high quality Ethernet and Voice Approved ADSL circuits - VoIP is the future of telephony and it is available now.

Spitfire have been running a VoIP Network based on the Industry standard SIP Protocol for the last 6 years – we use this in our own offices and approximately 66% of Spitfire’s new telephone line installations for customers are based on SIP services.

Using a SIP based VoIP service delivers significant benefits over old fashioned ISDN30e these include:

  • Keep your existing phone number when you move.
  • Add new phone numbers from any UK dialing code – regardless of your physical location .
  • Implement a Disaster Recovery policy.
  • Integrate home workers as standard.
  • Save 50% + on all costs.

Spitfire are amongst the UK’s Leading SIP providers – with thousands of satisfied business users.

Spitfire are one of the only business ISPs who are also an ITSP and an Interconnected operator. As well as offering SIP Trunks we have an award winning hosted solution – Spitfire SIP Communicator™.

Spitfire SIP Trunks or SIP Communicator Hosted PBX

There are two broad choices – Do you need the flexibility & control of your own phone system – and either already have a phone system or are happy to buy, run and manage the phone system, in which case the product you require is SIP Trunks. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON SPITFIRE SIP TRUNKS

Or do you want to use a hosted phone system to reduce the capital costs of buying a new phone system and are happy to leave the management to Spitfire – the system will grow as you do, and allow you to change location, open new sites and have access to a wide range of IP based business benefits for a monthly rental. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON SPITFIRE SIP COMMUNICATOR HOSTED PBX

Or, Please call 0800 319 6000 or enquire here for more information or to discuss your requirements further with one of our consultants.

Please call 0800 319 6000 or enquire here for more information or to discuss your requirements further with one of our consultants.

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Spitfire EFM and Fibre Ethernet

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