Asterisk® is an Open Source PBX platform developed by Digium Inc. It is increasingly popular amongst technically savvy end users and IT partners seeking to implement cost effective Voice over IP services. It runs on standard Intel server hardware under the Linux operating system.

To discuss Asterisk with Spitfire please telephone: 0800 319 6000 or enquire here.

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Spitfire’s SIP trunking service has been tested to operate with the Asterisk PBX system enabling customers and partners to deploy a pure VoIP solution without the need for TDM gateways or ISDN lines.

Our SIP network is designed to reduce the problems of PBX’s behind NAT devices saving you time and money when deploying Asterisk®. There is no need for expensive SIP aware firewall devices or SIP Application Layer Gateways.

Please note that there are many variations of Asterisk PBX's in the marketplace, and whilst Spitfire has tested many of them for interoperability, some are not yet approved for connection to Spitfire's SIP Trunk service. Please contact your Account Manager or Sales Person for a current list of approved Asterisk PBX's.

If your Asterisk PBX has not yet been approved for connection to Spitfire's SIP Trunk service, you may undertake interoperability testing with Spitfire. Please note that interoperability testing must be completed and approved by Spitfire before connection to Spitfire's SIP Trunk Service.

Our SIP trunking service offers:

  • PSTN termination and origination
  • DDI numbers from all UK exchanges
  • Porting of existing numbers from BT
  • A choice of IP bearer circuits -100Mbps Ethernet, SDSL, ADSL and ADSL2+

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Why Spitfire?

We own and operate our own SIP network - we are not a reseller of someone else’s SIP trunking product.

We have been an ISP since 2000 and are full member of LINX.

Spitfire has been an interconnected CPS operator since 2001. Calls to PSTN destinations are passed over our own TDM switch with multiple interconnects to the UK PSTN network.

We are a real telephone company that have been in business for 20 years.

Asterisk, Digium and the Asterisk logo are trade marks of Digium Inc. Linux is a trademark registered to Linus Torvalds

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