SIP Trunking: SIP Compatible Phone Systems

Spitfire SIP Trunking is one of the leading SIP Trunking Services available in the UK. Some of the key reasons for using Spitfire SIP Trunking include:

  • Spitfire SIP Trunking is compatible with a wide range of phone systems.
  • Excellent support across the SIP Trunking service and the IP PBX.
  • Manufacturer approved SIP Trunking provider.

For further information about how Spitfire can get SIP Trunking working for you please enquire here or call Spitfire now on 020 7501 3333 .

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Delivering successful SIP Trunking

There are a number of key requirements to deliver ISDN30e quality SIP Trunking for businesses. These include:

  • A SIP compatible Phone System or Gateway.
  • An Internet connection designed for Voice that is suitable to support SIP Trunking.
  • The ability to terminate SIP calls onto the standard phone network.

Spitfire are one of the few SIP Trunking providers able to offer a complete end-to-end SIP Trunking service, via our own SIP, Internet and Voice networks covering all aspects of SIP Trunking.

The key advantages of using Spitfire SIP Trunking include:

  • Save up to 50% compared with ISDN30e rental costs.
  • Guaranteed call quality.
  • Flexibility – increase number of SIP Trunking channels up and down.
  • Flexible numbering – SIP Trunking allows out of area numbers to be connected using any UK dialing code.
  • Disaster recovery – SIP Trunking allows calls to be diverted to another site or mobiles in the event of a failure.














SIP Trunking Inter-Operability Testing & Compatible Phone Systems

The following systems have completed full Interoperability testing and are certified for use with Spitfire SIP Trunks. The systems are also tested with each new software release. Spitfire are able to recommend partners who hold manufacturers accreditation and are also authorised Spitfire Partners, allowing you to benefit from an integrated and co-ordinated service delivery.

Spitfire produce configuration guides for all the systems listed below allowing you or your system maintainer to easily configure your phone system for Spitfire SIP Trunking. We also offer technical support to help you or your maintainer in the event of any issues. Please note that in general you will require a competent technical person to set up a PBX to work with any SIP Trunking provider. If you require on site support or more in depth assistance Spitfire can provide this on a chargeable basis either via our Support and Installation Team or via one of our accredited partners.

IP Phone System Configuration Guide
3CX Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader3CX
Avaya Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderAvaya BCM
Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderAvaya IP Office 500
Cisco Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderCisco UC320
  Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderCisco UC560
Elastix Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderElastix
Epygi Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderEpygi
Gigaset Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderGigaset
IP Cortex Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderIP Cortex
Kerio Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderKerio
Mitel Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderMitel 3300
  Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderMitel 5000
Panasonic NCP Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderPanasonic NCP ( with individual CLI )
  Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderPanasonic NCP ( no individual CLI )
PBX in a Flash Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderPBX in a flash
Sangoma Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderSangoma
Sark Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderSark
SNOMOne Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderSNOMOne
Switchvox Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderSwitchvox Free Edition
  Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderSwitchvox SMB 4.5
Trixbox Open with Adobe Acrobat ReaderTrixbox

Please note that the above list is being continually updated, so if a system isn’t listed please call us to discuss. In addition, many Asterisk based systems are extremely similar, so if you wish to use an Asterisk based system which isn’t listed above, again please contact us.

For more information, please call Spitfire on 020 7501 3333 or click here to email an enquiry .

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