Call Diversion Service

Spitfire Call Diversion Service allows clients moving office to retain their existing telephone number even if they are moving out of their local exchange area. The service can also be used as a temporary service when moving if you are happy to have new numbers at your new address.

The service is available on analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30e lines. If moving outside your local exchange area, BT can provide Caller Re-direct (a message giving the new main number) on all types of lines, but can only provide a call forwarding service, at some expense, with analogue lines.

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Spitfire Call Diversion Service also has excellent Disaster Recovery applications, where the number to which calls are being diverted fails, calls can be forwarded from individual DDIs to individual mobile numbers or alternative landline numbers.

To discuss your move and how you can benefit from Spitfire Call Diversion Service, please call Spitfire on: 0800 319 6000 or enquire here.

Spitfire offer a Call Forwarding Service based on using Spitfire’s own interconnected network. Calls can be delivered to any number, each DDI can even be routed to its own individual destination number.

This allows greatly improved flexibility when moving site and wishing to forward numbers. We are able to forward numbers from individual DDI to new DDI, we can even forward numbers to two different sites, or several different numbers.

Your old numbers are ported to Spitfire’s own network on an agreed date (please note this takes a minimum of 4 weeks). We then set up call routing to forward calls onto the required number.

As well as the flexibility, one of the main advantages is the very low cost of diverting the call at 1.0 pence per minute.





Why use Spitfire Call Diversion Service?

  • Retention of existing numbers when moving.
  • Call forward DDIs to new numbers (by individual DDI) if preferred (instead of one generic message for all DDI numbers).
  • Disaster recovery benefits.
  • Low cost, easy to implement service.
  • Even cheaper than standard BT Caller Re-direct message (Ceased Number Intercept).
  • Call forward individual numbers to different sites or even mobiles.
  • Integrate with SIP Voice over IP services.

Call Diversion Service Charges:

    Set up costs:
  • Port of main DDI Range/first number £100.00.
    On-Going monthly charges:
  • Diversion service charge for initial number/DDI range (10 DDIs) £ 5.00**.
  • Diversion charges for additional blocks of 10 DDIs £ 2.50.

  • ** Please note that the £5.00 charge is based on the entire range being forwarded either to a single number or DDI to matching DDI. If you require individual DDIs to be diverted to a mixture of sites and mobiles, please speak to an account manager.
    Call Forwarding Charges:
  • Call forwarding charge @ 1.0p per minute for incoming calls being forwarded to another UK number.

  • If required we can forward calls to mobile numbers or overseas, please call for a quote on the cost per minute of the call forwarding.
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