snom ONE VoIP phone system – fully featured business IP PBX

Snom SIP PBX & 821 IP Phone

Configuring for Spitfire SIP Trunking

The snom ONE IP phone system - runs on Windows, Linux & Mac and allows unlimited extensions and a full range of business VoIP features.


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Snom SIP PBX & 821 IP Phone

Spitfire are the snom Specialists - Spitfire SIP Trunks are the first UK Accredited SIP Trunks for the snom ONE and we offer a complete snom end to end solution for end users and Partners, including supply, installation, support plus SIP Trunk and ISDN solutions.

The snom ONE comes in 3 versions:

  • snom ONE Free up to 10 extensions RRP: £ 0.00
  • snom ONE Yellow – up to 20 extensions RRP: £665.00
  • snom ONE Blue – unlimited extensions RRP: £995.00

Call Spitfire – the snom specialists - now on 020 7501 3333 or Click here to order / enquire: End Users Resellers/Partners

snom are one of the best known names in the VoIP industry, originating in Germany with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, snom have been a SIP pioneer for the last 14 years – demonstrating a well earned reputation for reliable and feature rich technology designed for business. Spitfire are UK snom specialists and have been working with snom in the UK for over 5 years - and as well as being the first UK Certified SIP Trunk Provider for the snom ONE Spitfire provide a complete SIP solution for end users and resellers, including hardware provision, SIP Trunks, installation and project management, and support services.

The snom ONE comes in three versions, all of which offer the complete range of advanced features you would expect from a leader in VoIP:

snom ONE Free: allows a maximum of 10 extensions – all features included without restriction. RRP: £ 0.00

snom ONE Yellow: allows a maximum of 20 extensions – all features included without restriction. RRP: £665.00

snom ONE Blue: allows unlimited extensions – all features included without restriction. RRP: £995.00

snom ONE Blue and Yellow are available from Spitfire as a boxed product containing full user manual, USB dongle and license activation key. snom one Free is available as a free download from

The  snom ONE  provides a huge range of standard extension features such as hot desking, voicemail to e-mail, call screening and call redirections along with presence and monitoring. In addition the  snom ONE  is also equipped with paging features for use with the snom IP phones family and also the snom PA1 paging device, as well as the snom M9 DECT cordless phone.

To discuss Snom with Spitfire please telephone: 0800 319 6000 or enquire here.


Key features

  • Plug and Play with all snom phones
  • Simultaneous ringing of mobile phones and snom phones
  • Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
  • Multiple extension alias names, ANI assignments
  • Centralised Address Book
  • Hot desking
  • Voicemail
  • Multi-domain
  • Web Interface
  • Shared Line emulation
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac-OS
  • Full feature set with every version (blue, yellow, free)

Communication via  snom ONE  is fully secure. The snom ONE supports secure web access though HTTPS, the security of phone calls are achieved by using TLS and SRTP.

snom 300 now officially compatible with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

Why Spitfire?

Spitfire are snom specialists and have been working with snom for over 5 years.

Our engineers understand the snom system, phones and how they integrate with the rest of your technology infrastructure.

We own and operate our own SIP network - we are not a reseller of someone else’s SIP trunking product.

We have been an ISP since 2000 and are full member of LINX – we believe being an ISP is essential for delivering a business class VoIP and SIP Trunking service

Spitfire has been an interconnected CPS operator since 2001. Calls to PSTN destinations are passed over our own TDM switch with multiple interconnects to the UK PSTN network – this allows us to control how we deliver your VoIP calls to ensure they are the highest quality.

We are a real telephone company that have been in business for over 20 years.


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