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Moving Office

Is your business in transition?

Whether you’re moving office due to relocation or expansion purposes, arranging the effective transition of your voice and internet services is critical to the ongoing success of your business.


As both an Internet Service Provider and Telephone Voice Operator, Spitfire has been managing business office moves for many years, and we have the knowledge and skill to make sure yours is as seamless and as hassle-free as possible.


Our experts will guide you through the relocation process, examine your needs and help identify key lead times to ensure that you have a clear strategy in place for your move. And of course, an office move can also be an ideal time to upgrade your set-up – so talk to us about the options available to add value to your business.



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Keeping your existing numbers

If your business has an established phone number that is well known to long standing customers, we can help you keep it – wherever you might be moving to.


Even if you’re moving to a different telephone exchange area, we can take care of the entire process and work with you to minimise any potential down time during the move.


Talk to our experts about your office relocation today, or take a look at the links below for some of the products and services you might need…


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Voice Approved

When you upgrade your office internet for a faster, smoother connection, why not take advantage of cheaper, smarter phone calls too – by choosing a Voice Approved Circuit that provides full support for VOIP technology.

At Spitfire, we have a range of Voice Approved Circuits backed by SLAs that promise premium performance. No BT-based DSL circuits come with SLAs supporting ISDN voice quality – and without guarantees you run the risk of poor quality calls, call drops and intermittent/one-way audio.

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