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FTTC Ethernet- FibreStream® Lite

FTTC Ethernet – now only £75 per month

The UK’s best value leased lines

Ethernet Leased Lines have long been the Internet connection of choice for big-budget businesses. Now, FTTC Ethernet from Spitfire makes Ethernet affordable for almost any office. Using FTTC technology to access the Spitfire Ethernet network, FTTC Ethernet is perfect for both voice and data communications – and comes with the backing of performance SLAs that assure you a stunning service.

Up to 80Mb Premium FTTC Ethernet Leased Lines

FTTC Ethernet from Spitfire

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  • Great-value fixed price; up to 80Mb download speed for only £75 per month
  • Fast installation (within 13 days)
  • Final loop delivered by single copper pair
  • Auto fail-over to broadband backup option
  • Uncontended bandwidth on business-only network
  • Unlimited support from expert UK-based team

Now only £75 per month


FTTC Ethernet provides the UK’s best-value leased line service. Enjoy speeds of up to 80Mb download, with dedicated end-to-end bandwidth both up and downstream.


Ideal as…

…an affordable dedicated data solution for any business.

…a genuine fully converged voice and data solution for small business.

Ideal for home working. 

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Our FTTC Ethernet Access packages

Up to 80Mb FTTC Ethernet

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per month

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Up to



Up to




Business Usage

  • Free Connection: Yes*
  • Uncontended: 100%
  • More about FTTC Ethernet Circuits

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    FTTC Ethernet circuits use FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) technology to deliver Ethernet Leased Lines into your office faster and at a lower price point than Fibre or EFM Leased Lines.

    And despite the improved speed of installation and low cost, FTTC Leased Lines retain the same performance SLAs as EFM and Fibre Leased lines.

    The repair SLA, too, is the same as EFM Ethernet Circuits – far quicker than Fibre Broadband or ADSL, and only slightly longer than Fibre Ethernet circuits.

    More benefits of FTTC Ethernet for your business

    • Uncontended bandwidth
    • Full duplex solution that has lower overhead, higher reliability and better performance than all types of broadband (ADSL/SDSL) services
    • Available as direct, Internet or site to site connectivity
    • Can be connected in to a Spitfire MPLS solution
    • Suitable for Voice only or converged voice and data connectivity solutions

    Ready to upgrade your leased line service or select a package above?   Call us to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants or click the link below and we will get straight back to you.

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    The key difference between the services is that FTTC Ethernet circuits are delivered over a single pair copper service, whereas EFM is normally delivered over multiple copper pairs and fibre Ethernet is over a fibre circuit. As this is a single pair service, we have developed an auto-fail solution – whereby in the unlikely event of a failure, the service will automatically fail over to an ADSL or VDSL (Fibre Broadband) service.

    However, because the circuit is delivered over fibre to the local cabinet, the copper only covers a short distance from the street cabinet to your premises – providing a higher bandwidth and making the service much more stable than a single pair running all the way back to the exchange.

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