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SIP Communicator™ Hosted PBX

  • Yealink-T23G

    Yealink-T23G £75.00

  • Yealink-28P

    Yealink-28P £115.00

  • Yealink-T27P

    Yealink-T27P £95.00

  • Yealink-22P

    Yealink-22P £75.00

  • Snom-870-IP1


  • Snom-821-IP1


  • Snom D765

    Snom D765 £175.00

  • Snom D725

    Snom D725 £130.00

  • Snom D715

    Snom D715 £75.00



Business Info Magazine is one of the leading independent Office Equipment Magazines – providing independent reviews of office equipment to help purchasers make an informed decision.


Spitfire are proud to be the recipient of the coveted Editor’s Choice Award for our SIP Communicator™ hosted solution earlier this year. (Page 23)


BusInfo_Special_Awards_Editors_Choice2   2015 Award


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SIP Communicator™ Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX – SIP Communicator™


The clear winner in hosted business telephony


In today’s dynamic business world, your office telephone system needs to be flexible enough to grow when you do. With SIP Communicator™, the multi award-winning PBX solution from Spitfire, you’re in complete control – able to add extensions and handsets whenever and wherever you need them.

What’s more, choose SIP Communicator™ as your hosted PBX and you can save as much as 70% compared to other phone systems…


From £6 per extension per month


SIP Communicator™ is a hosted and managed phone system, offering huge savings compared to traditional office telephony. Fully scalable, the system grows as your business does – allowing you to add extensions and handsets whenever you need them.


Why SIP Communicator™ is the right call for your business:


  • Extensions from £6 to £10 per month
  • Free calls between your office sites
  • Free business features including voicemail alerts and call forwarding
  • Winner of Comms National Awards – Best Hosted PBX in 2013, 2014 & 2015
  • Offer of free installation on all systems within the M25

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Yealink-T23G £75.00


Yealink-28P £115.00


Yealink-T27P £95.00


Yealink-22P £75.00






Snom D765

Snom D765 £175.00

Snom D725

Snom D725 £130.00

Snom D715

Snom D715 £75.00

How SIP Communicator™ Works

Handset Options

SIP Communicator™ Costs

Free Installation Offer

SIP Communicator™ is hosted at Spitfire’s secure data facility in Harbour Exchange Square in London Docklands.

Spitfire are one of the only SIP providers to have our own interconnect with BT and also provide our own converged Ethernet and voice approved SDSL broadband circuits. As all elements of the service are provided by our own network we are able to control the call quality and ensure that you receive an assured business grade service.

We offer your business a true end-to-end solution with all aspects provided and controlled by Spitfire, for total peace of mind that you will receive a hosted phone system that is secure and that you can rely on.

SIP Communicator™ is designed to fully integrate with both the Spitfire and Snom range of SIP Hosted PBX phones. Both are stylish, affordable and robust handsets.


Spitfire SIP phones


The Spitfire range of IP phones are a range of extremely good value, reliable handsets. We recommend the S310 as the standard handset for most users.


Snom VoIP phones


The Snom 700 and 800 series are the latest range of snom VoIP phones which offer fantastic design and functionality at an affordable cost – these are genuine business user phones that offer access to the full range of functionality. The snom M9 is an excellent DECT handset that provides excellent cordless capability.

Spitfire SIP Communicator™ is a hosted telephone system using VOIP technology, designed for use by small and medium businesses who need flexible and cost-effective communications at a fraction of the cost of a business telephone system.


Whereas even a small telephone system can cost thousands of pounds, the only capital expenditure with SIP Communicator™ is the cost of the phones, a Power over Ethernet switch and a small remote project management/configuration fee.


The table below shows the initial equipment and engineering costs compared with a standard telephone system – with SIP Communicator™ providing a saving of 64%.


SIP Communicator™ Cost ISDN2e Phone System Cost
Circuit Connection £ 426.00 ISDN2e Connection £ 608.00
System Cost £ 0.00 System Cost £1,400.00
Handset Cost x 6 £ 420.00 Handset Cost x 6 £ 780.00
PoE Switch £ 250.00 PoE Switch £250.00
Configuration £ 180.00 Engineering set up £ 500.00
TOTAL £1,276.00 TOTAL £3,538.00



The Spitfire SIP Communicator™ is a self-install system and is easy for users to connect by themselves.

However for a limited time Spitfire are providing 3 hours of free on-site installation within the M25. Spitfire SIP Communicator™ is the only Hosted solution on the market to offer free on-site installation and training.

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