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IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is rapidly evolving and by definition requires Things to be connected, from device, to IoT platform, to user. All from any location. The diversity of IoT deployments therefore need an equally diverse range of connectivity solutions, especially Mobile Data. Spitfire’s IoT Gateway provides this connectivity foundation.

IoT Connectivity

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When developing or deploying an IoT solution the entire ecosystem needs to be considered. Not only the endpoint device and the application features but just as important the underlying connectivity that carries the data.

IoT connectivity is not only about connecting your devices to the internet but also interconnecting with your IoT platform, whether in your office, datacentre, cloud platform or distributed to the edge. Every IoT solution is different so when designing your IoT network it is essential to have a diverse range of IoT focused connectivity solutions at your fingertips.  Our expertise, in designing and developing your unique IoT Ecosystem, will ensure the flow and protection of your data throughout its journey.


IoT Ecosystem

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If you are already developing or deploying your IoT solution or even in the early stages speak to Spitfire about your connectivity needs.

Mobile connectivity

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