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Quality of Service


Ensuring traffic traverses the network effectively enough to deliver a premium business service.

While an email may take a minute or two to be delivered without complaint, a delay of just a hundred milliseconds on your business voice call may have an unacceptable effect on quality.

Spitfire QoS

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Quality of Service (QoS) represents a variety of mechanisms that can be applied to a network to ensure that network traffic is delivered to its destination without being impeded by other traffic. This is especially important if you intend to use the same circuit for both voice and business data.

At Spitfire, Quality of Service is a priority.  This philosophy has underpinned our sales of premium business Ethernet circuits since 2007.


Not all internet circuits are created equal so it is important to understand the technical details of the service you are buying and whether QoS can be applied wherever it is needed. Not only does the on-premise router need the appropriate settings but the circuit itself and provider network all need to support QoS and be configured correctly. Spitfire’s CLEAR methodology ensures that every aspect of the solution is considered when selecting a solution that supports voice effectively.

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At Spitfire, we will always recommend a satisfactory bearer circuit and router solution for every SIP Trunk or SIP Hosted PBX we sell. This ensures that you receive what you expect – without nasty surprises.  We are even able to offer voice appropriate service levels on some broadband circuits.

If you would like some additional information on Quality of Service and what it means, please click on the links to see our White Paper or Training Tech Talk on You Tube.



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