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Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted Telephony

From an award-winning Hosted PBX provider

When it’s time to upgrade your existing on-premises business telephone system it is now the norm to think about a move to a hosted PBX solution. Moving your telephony service to the cloud greatly reduces the complexity on site, often with just telephone handsets or soft-phones being required. This makes for an extremely straightforward installation, whether for a single site, multiple offices or even a telephone system for home workers.

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Providing a host of brilliant business features, a hosted telephony solution means low up-front costs (often with no cost at all!) and a simple monthly rental. A hosted PBX offers a really scalable, managed solution, that can grow as your business does – being suitable for all sizes!!

Spitfire offer four different solutions – click on the product buttons for more information on which solution is the best fit for your business and budget.

Simple and Secure - Example Hosted PBX Deployment

With Spitfire? Extremely.  For a start the phone system is located in one of our secure core network nodes.  Not only do we build resiliency in to our server architecture but the node itself has been deployed with power and backup redundancy.


Our core network has been designed to provide high availability for all inbound and outbound telephone calls. Not only do they connect via geographically diverse endpoints, but Spitfire also interconnect with multiple global Tier 1 wholesale voice carriers – offering unprecedented levels of reliability, up-time and call quality.


When paired with a Spitfire voice-approved data circuit we are also able to offer a complete end-to-end service, not only assuring voice quality but also up-time availability.


Spitfire have been providing hosted telephony, SIP and Voice over IP solutions for more than 10 years.  Cloud telephony is now the preferred option for nearly all businesses that we partner with.

In order to make or receive a call, your handset or softphone on site needs to connect to the caller via the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).  Spitfire has a unique place in the market as we offer a fully managed end-to-end solution to support the full journey of a call.


Your hosted phone system is located in one of Spitfire’s secure data node facilities. From here it connects to the Spitfire SIP network; a network isolated from the public Internet and purely dedicated to SIP voice traffic, with a direct interconnect to the PSTN.


Your office users connect to the system using a Spitfire voice approved data connection to assure business voice quality and provide a completely secure connected environment.  The call will be delivered to the handset or softphone to complete the route from the PSTN to your users.


Any home workers, remote users or branch offices may also connect to the hosted phone system using existing Internet connections, however please discuss these with us so that we can advise on how to assure call quality.


All handsets are pre-configured by our engineers and are set up on a ‘plug-and-play’ basis to make self-installation extremely straight forward.  For businesses located within the M25 we currently also include at no additional cost 3 hours of on-site installation!


Each user will have an extension on the system, with everything managed centrally on Spitfire’s network, regardless of their location. This makes adding user extensions simple and keeps lead times short, with handsets sent out ready to plug in and use immediately.

Spitfire are an award winning service provider with over a decade of experience providing SIP solutions, and we have won back to back awards for the Best Hosted PBX at the Comms National Awards.


When using a Spitfire voice approved Ethernet or Broadband circuit, call quality from the handset to the PSTN network can be ensured at all times, making Spitfire one of the only providers to offer a fully owned end-to-end solution with quality guarantees.


Our dedicated and proactive Account Management means that you have a single point of contact to work in partnership with your business to help keep on top of your comms services and changing requirements. Our Account Managers are all technically trained with a minimum of CCENT qualification so that they can provide useful insight and relevant recommendations. Our Account Management includes regular contact and account reviews, with a hands-on approach and personal touch.


Spitfire’s Support is carried out in-house by trained and qualified engineers and technicians. Spitfire boasts an award-winning Support Team who are quick to react and will always aim to fix your fault on the first call. With a target of 15 seconds to answer the phone, we won’t leave you on hold if you have a technical issue.

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