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Home > Openreach Analogue (and ISDN) Network Switch off, 2025

Openreach Analogue (and ISDN) Network Switch off, 2025

The switch off of the Openreach analogue and ISDN digital network services and what it means for you.

In 2025 the last elements of Openreach’s analogue and ISDN digital copper network will be turned off as an all-IP network replaces these legacy services. The impact on telephony and broadband services is far reaching so you need to know how it will impact you. The project has already begun so don’t wait to consider your options.

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What services are affected?


Basically, anything currently using a copper line.  The easiest way to comprehend the extent of this major project is to consider that every single Openreach service utilising copper lines will be affected. The most apparent services are analogue telephone lines (PSTN) and digital ISDN lines but it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just about telephone services. Any service that uses this infrastructure will also be impacted.

  • Analogue voice telephone services and any service that use these lines including Dial up devices, fax, alarm systems, modem, building management systems, lift lines, PDQ machines.
  • ISDN 2e and ISDN 30e lines which are mainly used by phone systems. 
  • Broadband services that run over an analogue telephone line e.g. ADSL and also FTTC Fibre Broadband

What is happening and when?


Openreach will be switching off services at each exchange in turn. The first stage is to announce a “stop sell” date for each exchange. After this date no new affected services can be ordered and changes to existing services, no matter how minor, cannot be made.

There are already over 200 exchanges that will be in the Stop Sell phase by January 2022. A list of the exchanges currently identified as Stop Sell can be found here.

Two years after the stop sell date all services cease at that exchange.

National ‘stop sell’ date 


September 2023 has been announced as the national ‘stop sell’ date – the point at which all exchanges will have reached their stop sell date. The project completes in 2025 as the last exchanges reach their shutdown date.  The big analogue switch off project ends in 2025.  From this date its all-IP or nothing.

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Our mission

  • Spitfire will ensure that our customers are fully aware of the impact of the analogue and ISDN network switch off
  • We will offer a choice of technologies to ensure every customer has a suitable service for the future for both connectivity and telephony


  • We will ensure that every customer migrates to the new services as smoothly as possible
  • We will keep our customers informed of the elements of the project that impact them so they can make unrushed, informed decisions

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Keep me informed

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest information, please complete our contact form in the dropdown box to the right.

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Stop Sell Schedules

We will be publishing the Stop Sell schedule dates, as they come through from Openreach, please click the button on the right for the latest version.

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So what are the alternatives?


In order to turn off analogue services, new technologies are being phased in. At the point of Stop sell exchanges will typically provide full fibre coverage enabling a new product portfolio which includes:

  • Fibre to the Premise (FTTP): providing internet connectivity and IP telephony capability
  • SOGEA: Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connectivity using the existing copper line but with no analogue telephony capability
  • IP telephony: this has of course been available for years but will need to 100% replace the PSTN and ISDN public telephony networks
  • Redcare NGP product range: This replaces legacy products reliant on PSTN connections with IP and mobile connected equivalents.

The diverse range of devices and applications currently in use all have to be addressed so please call us to understand the impact on your own services and how to ensure you are not caught out by the changes.

Service Comparisons

Traditional Telephony

VoIP using SIP Trunks

VoIP using Cloud Hosted PBX

FTTC over analogue line


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