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Call Management Systems

Call Management Systems


Vital insight into your communications performance


Call management systems provide historic call reports that give you a vital insight into your business’s communications performance.


The reports also offer an exceptional cost control and analysis solution, allowing you to see the cost of outbound calls broken down by individual, group and department.


And by providing data on inbound calls as well as outbound, our call management systems effectively allow you to evaluate every phone communication right across your business.


Keen to find out how a call management system could benefit you? Just call 0800 319 6363 to talk to our business telephony experts, or drop us an email.


Typical call management reports include:


• Number of calls answered by person.
• Average waiting time per call/speed of answer.
• Number of abandoned calls.
• Average length of call.
• Time spent on call.


• Number of calls per extension.
• Cost per extension.
• Average time on call per extension.


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