Case Studies







The Institute of Occupational Medicine


IOM recognised that, in order to remain at the forefront of their industry, business operations were pointing them towards a more agile operation, yet the customers continued to drive enhanced security requirements. IOM’s IT team has the remit to not only provide and support corporate IT infrastructure to enable their team, but also to deliver technical solutions that support their field services …


Portico Academy Trust


Prior to adopting Spitfire’s Firewall-as-a-Service solution (FWaaS), Portico used connectivity and filtering services provided by Southend Local Education Authority (LEA). Given the basic and cutback level of that particular service, coupled with high costs, the search began for a provider that could deliver a secure and quality service at a reasonable cost. …


Burhill Group Limited

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Connectivity | MPLS | FWaaS | November 2023

BGL’s challenge as a fast growing company was to deploy a stable and resilient IT network across all sites within the group – 27 sites initially and with plans to have 40 sites open in the near future. BGL had a number of clear requirements for this deployment …


Mechanical Services Ltd

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Mobile Broadband | August 2023

On certain projects, MSL personnel may find themselves on-site for extended periods, ranging from several months to years in some cases. To offer much-needed flexibility Spitfire implemented several mobile broadband connections….


Car Giant Limited

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: 3CX, SIP Trunks, Voice Approved Circuits | July 2023

Spitfire was able to deploy a Unified System created by two separate systems combined via its AnySIP network. CarGiant’s connectivity and telephony systems were consolidated to make it easy for CarGiant’s IT team to manage more easily


Castings P.L.C.

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: MPLS, Firewall as a Service | May 2023

Castings P.L.C tasked Spitfire with bringing its se. curity and connectivity operating across three sites and sought a consolidated single solution that was easy to manage for over a thousand devices/users in use. Spitfire recommended and installed an MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) with


Wilcomatic Wash Systems

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: IoT, Mobile Data | April 2023

Being able to remotely monitor and predict Wilcomatic’s maintenance requirements in the field has meant a more efficient service for both Wilcomatic and its clients. By using Spitfire’s IoT data SIMs Wilcomatic is able to greatly reduce the data connectivity costs


Antic London Limited

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Primary Circuit, Mobile Data Backup | June 2022

From a connectivity perspective, Antic London used to operate using two broadband connections for each pub. If both lines went down at the same time Antic London were unable to process any card payments as tills are connected to the PDQs which are connected to the cloud. 


Mark Whipp IT & Design Consultancy

PARTNER CASE STUDY: Voice Assisted Broadband | March 2022

A challenge that Mark Whipp often face with their SME customers is recommending a low cost data solution that supports effective voice quality when used in conjunction with VoIP services.  Spitfire’s Voice Assisted Broadband product offers exactly that


Alexander James & Co - Chartered Certified Accountants

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Hosted PBX 2.1 | November 2021

The last 18 months have more or less been a reflection of what has happened elsewhere in the country with the hybrid model coming into play. Andrew Nicholson, director and co-owner at Alexander James, points to technology as an enabler for keeping things moving along during the pandemic


Calthrops Solicitors LLP

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: 3CX | Voice Approved Circuits | September 2021

Across our two offices, the 3CX service is delivered over Spitfire’s own Voice Approved broadband or Ethernet circuits guaranteeing the end-to-end call QoS with guarantees on Latency, Jitter and Packet Loss both upstream and downstream


The Partnership

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Ethernet | 3CX Cloud Hosted Telephony | April 2021

The Partnership has been a customer of Spitfire since 2018. After months of outages and disruptions with their broadband provider, Operations Manager Nikki Waugh decided the firm required a dedicated Internet connection for the business.


Lazenby IT

PARTNER CASE STUDY: Mobile Ethernet |  

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck many organisations went into lockdown, either suspending operations completely, or allowing staff to work from home. But for one group, these were not options. Churches needed to continue services to provide spiritual guidance



CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: 3CX – Private Hosted PBX  |  SIP Trunks  | 

Since 2016, DDP Law Ltd have been using Spitfire’s PBX phone system, which was originally adopted when the firm was relocated.  As part of the move, it was decided to re-evaluate the firm’s telecoms provision, as Roger Posener, Financial Controller, elaborates …


Kamazoy Virtual IT Department

PARTNER CASE STUDY: Hosted PBX 2.1  |  MPLS  |  QoS  | 

The customer was “keen to get a new multisite phone system up and running as soon as possible. With Spitfire’s help, we were able to see this 35-user, multi-site project through, from start to finish, in less than a month!

IFC Advisory

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Hosted PBX 2.1  |  SIP Trunks  | 

IFC Advisory was established in 2014 to provide a first class advisory and bespoke service for clients focusing on investor relations. “We had to move fairly quickly from our previous serviced offices so we asked the owners of our new building who they used and Spitfire were recommended” …


Tech Support Group


Tech Support Group won a major contract to provide IT support for an expanding pub group. A major challenge was that the pub group wanted to take over 70 pubs without a break in trading. Ben Waterton, Director at Tech Support Group, elaborates on the scale of the challenge …

Added Dimension Events

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Spitfire Hosted PBX  |  SIP Trunks  | 

Added Dimension Events was founded in 1995 by Anthony Daniel, and has grown to become a leading UK event management company. Spitfire was recommended to him.  Anthony explains why they have remained a Spitfire customer for over 20 years …

Penstone Communications


Penstone is a national provider of voice and data services with offices in Surrey and Yorkshire. Since the company was established in 2004, Penstone has used Spitfire to provide network connectivity for its customers. Julian Robinson, a director of Penstone explains …

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS)

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Fibre Ethernet  |  VDSL  |

NFRS operates eight full-time fire stations, plus 14 operated by part-time fire fighters and four other admin sites. NFRS had a particular requirement which Spitfire was able to meet as Louis Mills, ICT Projects Officer, details …

Kamazoy Virtual IT Department

PARTNER CASE STUDY: Spitfire Hosted PBX  | 

As a virtual IT department we took on the responsibility of managing connectivity issues for our customers, but they were often using consumer ISPs. By contrast Spitfire was able to provide a superior level of service …

Pearce Bros

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Fibre Ethernet  |  VPN  |  

Pearce Bros is the largest independent contract hire and vehicle solutions specialist in the Bristol area.  A deteriorating internet connection began to cause serious problems for the business, so Mark Powell, IT Manager for Pearce Bros, contacted Spitfire for a solution …

Evolve Computers Ltd

PARTNER CASE STUDY: Hosted PBX 2.1  |  MPLS  |  QoS  | 

Evolve Computers Ltd provides a wide range of IT support services, to small
businesses in London. To provide network connectivity and telephony services for its customers, Evolve has partnered with Spitfire. Glenn Scott, explains why …

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Fibre Ethernet  |  

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was set up in 1962 to campaign and take action to protect the natural environment. The Trust has grown to become one of the UK’s leading environmental charities and needed to upgrade their internet connection, as Tom Hale, IT manager for the Trust explains …


PARTNER CASE STUDY: Spitfire Product Portfolio  |  

Over time internet connectivity has grown in importance and sophistication with Ethernet, EFM and other products. The size of our customers has also grown and their needs are more complex, so now Spitfire is our default and primary choice for network services …

Wrest Park Enterprise

CUSTOMER CASE STUDY: Fibre Ethernet  |  

Wrest Park Ltd provides serviced office accommodation for clients at five locations, including its original and largest Wrest Park site in Bedfordshire. Bob Sampson, Head of IT for WPL, Bob invited eight comms providers to tender for the contract, including Spitfire …

Interactive Data Technology

PARTNER CASE STUDY: 3CX Cloud  |  SIP Trunks  |  Fibre Ethernet

Based in Derbyshire, Interactive Data Technology (IDT) was established in 1997 to provide IT support for clients. Today the company has over 200 support contracts serving clients both nationwide and internationally. “Spitfire’s technical support is brilliant”…