Spitfire Timeline

1988  In April, Spitfire was started by Justin Orde in his flat. Selling office telephone systems, fax and answering machines.
1989  Spitfire wins direct Panasonic account – which we hold to this day.
1990  Spitfire move into newly refurbished offices on Battersea Park Road with 5 staff.
1991  Spitfire get approval as a system maintainer from the industry regulator.
1992  Start Spitfire Security Systems providing Burglar Alarms as well as Panasonic Phone systems, primarily to residential customers in central London.
1992  ISDN30e launched in UK. Spitfire involved in 4 Panasonic trial sites for this new technology.
1994  Spitfire sign agreement with SDX to sell SDX phone systems.
1995  SDX Index launched – Spitfire one of the initial partners selling, installing and maintaining this market leading system.
1995  Spitfire win SDX fastest growing reseller award.
1996  Spitfire become BT Indirect Partner.
1997  Spitfire have grown to 50 staff and are one of the UKs largest Panasonic installers and maintainers.
1998  Spitfire move into new 7,000 square feet of new offices in the South Bank Business Centre, Ponton Road, Nine Elms – now the exact site of the new American Embassy.
1998  Spitfire sell first ISP services.
1999  Spitfire become a switchless reseller, providing our customers with excellent value UK and international calls as an alternative to BT.
2000  Spitfire become an Internet Service Provider with our own core network, funded by the sale of Spitfire Security Systems to ADT.
2000  Spitfire are one of the first ISPs to sell broadband in the UK – listed as one of the launch partners in BTs marketing in the FT/Times.
2001  Spitfire become one of only thirty Annex 2 licenced operators in the UK with our own interconnect into the BT national network. We still have over 7 points of interconnect into the BT network allowing us to terminate calls over our own network. This allows us to have control over call quality by routing calls over different networks.
2001  Spitfire Partner Service launched, delivering outstanding advice and solutions to our IT partners.
2002  Spitfire broadband continues to grow with speeds of 0.5, 1 and 2Mbps, with residential broadband with a 50:1 contention ratio or business services with a contention ratio of 20:1.
2002  Avaya IP500 launched – Spitfire one of the first authorised installers/maintainers of this ground breaking system, which is now on software version 14 and is still Avaya and Spitfire’s lead telephone system.
2003  Spitfire sign agreement to sell, install and maintain Nortel telephone systems – competing head on with BT in this market.
2003  Spitfire win Avaya award for fastest growing reseller.
2004  Taxi advertising started by Spitfire – today we are the longest running continuous advertisers on London Taxis – look out for us!
2005  Spitfire launch SDSL services – up to 2Mb uncontended internet access.
2006  ADSL Max launched by Spitfire – delivering Broadband speeds of up to 8Mbps.
2006  Spitfire start selling leased lines using Openreach infrastructure – delivering guaranteed bandwidth to our customers.
2006  Spitfire are a finalist in Comms Channel ISP of the Year award.
2006  Launch of Midlands division of Partner Team.
2007  Spitfire SIP trunk service launched – we are one of the first SIP Trunking providers to launch a SIP service in the UK, delivering savings of over 60% compared with ISDN30e services.
2007 Spitfire’s Hosted PBX over Voice Approved Broadband is added to the portfolio.
2008  ADSL2+ launched by Spitfire – offering increased Broadband speeds of up to 24Mbps.
2008  Spitfire launch Ethernet services – delivering up to 10Mb dedicated Internet services for businesses.
2008  Voice Approved Broadband launched by Spitfire, guaranteeing voice quality over ADSL and SDSL from only £21.00 per month.
2008  Spitfire opens Midlands Office in Redditch.
2009  Spitfire SIP Trunks now approved for use on most major phone system manufacturers including Avaya, Panasonic, 3CX, and many new IP based phone systems.
2009  Spitfire launch SIP Communicator™ hosted telephone system.
2009 Spitfire ISP enhanced by Ethernet services
2009  Bumble the office dog is born and makes his mark on the office immediately.
2010  Spitfire win Comms National Awards Service Provider of the Year Award.
2011  The number of new Spitfire SIP Trunks being installed surpasses the number of new ISDN30e channels being installed by Spitfire.
2011  VDSL – Fibre Broadband launched by Spitfire, delivering speeds of up to 80Mbps.
2012  Spitfire move into 14,000 square feet new offices in The Printworks, Clapham Road, London SW9 0HP.  A logistics department and second core network node is created on the ground floor
2012  Spitfire’s new network node opens at The Printworks providing additional resilience and flexibility for our customers.
2012  Spitfire start advertising on Heart FM in London.
2013  Spitfire win Comms National Awards Best SME Hosted Solution with SIP Communicator™.
2013  Spitfire are one of BT Wholesale’s top 3 providers of Ethernet.
2013  Spitfire MPLS launched – delivering easy to manage multi site solutions for our customers.
2013  DualStream® SF (Synthetic Fibre) launched by Spitfire – providing guaranteed voice quality combined with Fibre Broadband with automatic fail over.
2014  Spitfire start selling and installing 3CX phone systems. Allowing customers access to the world’s leading Windows based phone system.
2014  Spitfire win Comms National Awards Best Hosted Platform with SIP Communicator™ – winning an award for the second year in a row. SIP Communicator™ now supports over 10,000 users.
2014  The number of IT partners using Spitfire’s Partner Service exceeds 400 for the first time.
2014  Spitfire’s new Webordering system launched.
2015  Spitfire launch our new SIP Trunking network further improving resilience for our customers.
2015  Spitfire expand their core network with two new network nodes in Telehouse North and Equinix – allowing our customers access to the two more of the UK’s leading data centre networks.
2015  Spitfire’s online Customer Portal launched.
2016  Spitfire’s Customer Web Ordering system launched.
2016  Spitfire’s roll out of 3CX Cloud.
2016  Spitfire introduces paperless billing.
2016 Spitfire’s Midlands office celebrates its 10th Anniversary.
2016 Number of Ethernet Service providers is increased to four
2016 Spitfire add TechTalk channel on YouTube
2017 Core voice network enhanced with Next Generation Switches
2018 Spitfire soft launch Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 at UC Expo
2019 Spitfire Relocate the Midlands Office from Redditch To Colmore Row, Birmingham
2020 Spitfire rolls out Working from Home solutions to all employees