Mobile Ethernet

Need a new data connection quickly? Looking for a more flexible backup option? Require a fixed IP IoT solution?

Spitfire Mobile Ethernet utilises EE, O2 and Vodafone’s extensive and award winning mobile networks to provide you with excellent speeds, deployed to where you need it, in a fraction of the time taken to install a fixed line fibre connection.

What is Mobile Ethernet?

Utilising EE, O2 and Vodafone mobile data networks, Spitfire can offer a wireless Mobile Ethernet solution with all the benefits of a fixed line service.

We provide a Spitfire managed mobile router, using a ruggedised SIM card which has been designed and tested to be more robust to perform in more challenging environments, providing the best speed and service possible.

Mobile Ethernet connections are routed across our network in the same way that we route fixed line connections and any direct link between a customer site and Spitfire’s core network provides the same level of protection and security for your data.

The static IP address provided facilitates easy access to WAN applications and IoT/M2M networks.

Whether you require a pre-ethernet connection, mobile data backup, remote location connectivity or a full IoT solution, contact Spitfire today.


Spitfire Mobile Ethernet is an ideal option for businesses facing connectivity challenges, such as:

  • Fast deployment requirements such as Pre-Ethernet data access, awaiting installation of a primary circuit
  • Remote locations where there are limited options for standard business connectivity
  • Short term installations e.g. pop up shops, building sites, festivals and events
  • Cost effective back-up solutions as an alternative to a fixed line
  • Where a static IP address solution is imperative but not otherwise available, e.g. at a home office or within a serviced office

With a range of contract length and data bundle options, Spitfire Mobile Ethernet offers the flexibility to meet our customers’ ever changing business needs.

  • Flexible contract term options starting from as little as 1 month
  • Cost effective data tiers
  • Automatically upgrade data bundle or cap usage to prevent overspending
  • Provided with a static IP address, routing data back to Spitfire’s core network
  • Use to connect to the Internet, as part of a Spitfire MPLS solution, or as a failover solution to increase resiliency
  • When deployed as a backup solution to a primary Spitfire fixed line service, the primary connection will automatically failover to the Mobile Ethernet connection and retain the same public IP addressing scheme

The ruggedised SIM provided with Spitfire Mobile Ethernet has a number of benefits for our customers.

Unlike standard SIMs, these are designed for a very high level of rewrites (up to 500,000) meaning they are less prone to failure. This is extremely important for customers relying on these SIMs for the functioning of their business, or when they are being trusted to be inactive as a backup solution but ready to use when called upon.

The SIMs have also been designed for use in more challenging environments and are less prone to damage through extreme temperatures, humidity, salinity or vibration than standard SIMs. This means they will provide the best speed & service available in the toughest of conditions and so absolutely ideal for IoT or M2M solutions.


Spitfire Mobile Ethernet is ideal for IoT deployments as the SIMs may often need to be in devices/gateways which are located outdoors, in vehicles on-the-move, dusty/dirty environments or in hard-to-reach, infrequently visited sites which can be extremely challenging to maintain. The ruggedised SIM is designed to withstand these harsh conditions and have a significantly longer useable lifetime than a standard retail provided SIM.


As Spitfire Mobile Ethernet data is routed back to our core network, sites using this for data access can easily be added in to a Spitfire MPLS WAN. This means that those harder to connect places or temporary sites that were difficult to manage from an IT perspective can now easily join a customer’s existing business network using a Spitfire MPLS solution.

This also unlocks access to a number of our other on-net services accessible via a Spitfire MPLS, such as Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) network security or Cloud Connect in to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 


How Mobile Ethernet Works

Primary Mobile Ethernet Pricing

Backup Mobile Ethernet Pricing


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Additional Information

Shorter contract length options are available.

All Spitfire Mobile Ethernet solutions must be supplied with a fully managed Spitfire router.

Backup pricing is based on the primary circuit being supplied by Spitfire and will be configured for automatic failover, using the same IP address configuration as the primary circuit.

Contact us today for our full price list.

Why order from Spitfire?

Spitfire have been providing mobile solutions to business customers for 20 years and appreciate the differences between business and consumer use.

Mobile Ethernet business solutions combine effective data packages, static IP addresses and business grade routing capabilities.

Every customer requirement will be unique and Spitfire’s Account Managers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to build a solution for a multitude of business scenarios, whether your requirements are timescale or performance focused, or both.

Speak to your Account Manager about where mobile data might enhance your business.

Arctic Terns can fly 12,000 miles in a single journey, effortlessly utilising the oceanic air currents.

Our Mobile Ethernet offers effortless versatility for network access.

Arctic Terns can fly 12,000 miles in a single journey, effortlessly utilising the oceanic air currents.

Our Mobile Ethernet offers effortless versatility for network access.

Arctic Terns can fly 12,000 miles in a single journey, effortlessly utilising the oceanic air currents.

Our Mobile Ethernet offers effortless versatility for network access.