Customer Support

The Spitfire Support Experience

Our mission is to provide the best customer support in the industry so we are trusted by our valued customers, actively selected by new ones, and regarded with pride by all of our Technicians and Engineers.

Technical Support Team:

Choose Spitfire and avoid the frustration of long wait times!  We are proud of our own proven record for low call answering times and over 80% of service requests are resolved by the support technician who originally answers your call.

To achieve these high standards we believe our technicians are amongst the most highly skilled in the industry, for example our aim is that all are a minimum of Cisco CCNA certified within 18 months of joining.

By empowering our support team to take ownership of your issue you benefit from a swifter resolution and knowledgeable feedback throughout the process.



March 2023

Support Technicians answered…

96.51% of received telephone calls* within 15 seconds

98.50% of received telephone calls* within 30 seconds

99.00% of received telephone calls* within 60 seconds

The average** wait time was just 4 seconds

*Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00 (excluding Bank/Public Holidays).
**modal average (i.e. the most frequently occurring value in the dataset)


All Spitfire Support Technicians are technically trained to a minimum of Cisco CCNA certification standard


The Spitfire Support Technician that answers the phone will normally be the person that positively progresses the customer support case. Where this is not possible, the Support Technician will still take ownership of the fault and manage the resolution process to provide the best possible customer experience.


Spitfire’s credit backed Service Level Agreement underlines the commitment Spitfire makes to provide a Quality Assured support service.

On occasions where your issue may need reviewing by one of our specialist voice or IP engineers your originally assigned support technician will continue to manage the resolution process and keep you informed, acting as a single point of contact. Our specialist engineers are highly skilled in their area of expertise and some have careers at Spitfire spanning in excess of 10 years.

Timely resolution of an issue is clearly important to every customer. Our services are backed by market leading Service Level Agreements that we are proud to share on our public website. Where an issue is not immediately resolved we operate a sophisticated fault management system keeping close track of the timeline and progress of each support case.

We also follow our “Keeping Customers Informed” initiative by providing monitored and consistent updates by phone, email and SMS as well as via our customer portal. 


Our Customer Service

Our team’s combination of expertise and longevity underpins their familiarity of our customers and their networks. The success of this approach is evidenced by our strong and long-lasting customer relationships some of whom have been with us for over 20 years.

We take the time to really understand our customer’s business and the voice and data networks that underpin them.

Telephone Support

Call 020 7501 3030 during Spitfire Support Working Hours. 

Email Support

Customers may contact us by providing a detailed description of their issue or request within the form below.

Contact Us

Service Status

Updates on incidents in your area.

If you think there’s an issue with our phone line, please inform us. When you hear our hold music, it means you’re connected, so please wait. If you hear an error tone, send a text message saying “Unable to call Spitfire” to 07786207130. We can’t reply to your text, but we’ll check the issue quickly and fix it if it’s something we can resolve.