Our Network

Spitfire Core Network

At Spitfire we have always strived to develop our core network to both increase resilience and redundancy, but also to allow us to offer market leading services and solutions.

Our Network

Our fully resilient multi-node core network fibre ring now spans four geographically diverse locations: Telehouse – Docklands North, Equinix – Docklands South, The Oval in South London and Equinix LD3 in West London’s Park Royal.

This core network footprint also allows Spitfire to provide on-net access to other key UK data centres where our customers and partners want to connect to their services hosted elsewhere, as well as including multiple carrier connectivity options.

Telehouse in particular offers access to a wide range of carrier services and Equinix provides geographic diversity for those customers who either don’t want to be located in the Docklands or at least have all of their equipment in one area.

It is now easier than ever to join up these services within a Spitfire MPLS network, with either customers’ own equipment or hosted services provided by others.

Low latency, secure, high speed connectivity to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS cloud services is also provided using Spitfire’s CloudConnect service. Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud provider and Azure is the choice of many companies developing on the Microsoft server platform.


The four Spitfire core network nodes are connected with a high capacity 100Gbps dedicated fibre ring. Redundant links significantly reduce the risk of a customer network outage with the ring providing resilience in the event of any individual link failure.

Offering services from each of these locations means that customers can spread risk, for example by ensuring that backup circuits are terminated in a different network node to primary ones.

Spitfire also operates a strict dual vendor network equipment strategy designed to protect against individual vendor failures. By using equipment from world leaders Juniper and Cisco we have ensured that as far as possible any vendor specific software issue will not bring down the entire network.

Core Network Diagram