Spitfire announced as first wholesale partner of G.Network Communications Ltd

11 October 2023

 LONDON, UK. 11 October 2023

Spitfire Network Services Ltd (Spitfire),

the award-winning provider of voice, internet, IoT and wide area network connectivity services, is proud to announce  that it has been appointed as the first wholesale partner of G.Network Communications Ltd (G.Network), a leading London-based alt-net fibre broadband provider. This collaboration will provide London based businesses with an unparalleled range of options for high-speed, reliable, and cutting-edge data connectivity solutions.

Spitfire has consistently demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, marked most recently by the launch of their transformational One Network solution, adding their new full MVNO UK national roaming solution to a  diverse selection of wholesale fixed-line fibre, and cloud connectivity providers interconnected into a single, cohesive core network. The result is a comprehensive and versatile solution that empowers businesses with a wide range of connectivity options and engineering solutions.

The addition of G.Network to Spitfire’s roster of seven existing fibre providers is a significant stride towards enhancing their service offering further. G.Network, renowned for its state of the art XGS-PON fibre network across London, provides 100% full fibre connections delivering unmatched upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Harry Bowlby, Managing Director, Spitfire Network Services Ltd said, ‘Spitfire are delighted to announce this wholesale agreement with G.Network, which will enable Spitfire to offer a further range of latest generation, high bandwidth, competitively priced internet access and wide area networking solutions to business customers in London.’

For more information or to contact Spitfire Network Services Ltd directly, organisations should visit www.spitfire.co.uk.


About Spitfire Network Services Ltd

Spitfire has been providing internet and telecoms services from our central London offices for 35 years.

With an emphasis on engineering skills and customer service, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients – delivering innovative, award-winning solutions and significant cost savings to businesses and organisations.

This approach has seen us grow from a modest start-up to a business with more than £23m turnover and over 100 staff.


About G.Network Communications Ltd

G.Network is London’s full fibre broadband provider. We’re building a better connected London by installing brand new, fibre optic connections directly to residents and businesses across London. With G.Network infrastructure, residents and businesses are able to access reliable 100% fibre connections with guaranteed download and upload speeds.