Spitfire launches Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 telephony service

14 January 2019

Spitfire launches Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 telephony service.

The new service has been developed in-house making it both affordable and with a high-end, feature rich specification.

Because Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 has been developed in house, Spitfire is able to offer the service at the highly competitive rate of only £6 per user license a month, including free service setup on one-year contracts. The minimum contract period is three months and customers can opt to manage their own setup. For customers requiring handset rental, the service is available at £9 per month for a user license that includes a fully supported Yealink desk-phone. with replacement if faulty during the life of the contract.

Unusually Spitfire is not charging additional fees for multiple endpoints on the same user extension. This allows a user to have a desk-phone, PC softphone and mobile client app for example, at no extra charge. Call twinning will ring a desk-phone and mobile simultaneously if required.

While Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 is highly affordable there has been no compromise on functionality. The service is plug-and-play and highly scalable, so it’s easy to add user extensions as required. Management of the service is simple using an intuitive browser based administrator interface. This allows quick changes to functions such as hunt groups without the need for external technical support.

Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 has a host of high-end features to improve user productivity including:

  • Call management routing
  • Auto-attendant with time of day settings
  • Voicemail to email alerts
  • Busy lamp field
  • Programmable buttons for softphone and handset
  • Call queuing options and management stats for contact groups
  • Follow-me to user’s own or other users’ endpoints

The multi-user conference bridge makes conference calls easy to setup with moderator control if required. Each conference centre can have multiple virtual rooms allowing simultaneous conferences to take place on the same DDI using PIN access. This avoids the cost of additional DDI lines for conference calling.

The service is very robust and is delivered over Spitfire’s own Voice Approved Broadband circuits with guaranteed call quality and SLAs. Using Spitfire’s own circuits guarantees the end-to-end call QoS with guarantees on Latency, Jitter and Delay both upstream and downstream. Should there be a service outage, there is automatic failover to another number based on customer selected parameters for time of day, day of week and so on.

Commenting on the launch of Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1, Dominic Norton, Sales Director stated, “Our Spitfire 2.1 PBX hosted telephony service has been designed by Spitfire cutting out third-party costs. This has allowed us to deliver a highly featured service at very competitive rates, with zero upfront costs. In addition we are already planning a series of upgrades to the service which customers will benefit from when available at no additional cost and with no disruption to service. Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 is backed by our high levels of customer support including a dedicated account manager and Spitfire’s proven expertise in IP engineering. Based on initial customer demand, Spitfire Hosted PBX 2.1 is destined for success.”