Spitfire’s Full MVNO Launch – A New Era in Connectivity
Harry Bowlby
25 March 2024

On a sunny London afternoon on the 3rd October, atop the BT Tower, colleagues and Partners celebrated the official launch of Spitfire’s new implementation of their Full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) agreement with a major UK Mobile Network Operator (MNO). Spitfire have continuously innovated in data connectivity & voice telephony across our 35-year history. The Full MVNO architecture enables Spitfire to connect directly to the MNO radio access network while the mobile core equipment owned and controlled by Spitfire resides in our core network.

Spitfire connected mobile traffic routes directly back to our core, without the need to traverse the public Internet. Spitfire will now provide our own SIM cards and have full control over authentication of users and their IMEI numbers, IP address allocation and session security. We can now deliver completely private and secure networks with our MPLS core network using a combination of mobile, fixed line and cloud connectivity services.

Our new 4G/5G Enhanced Mobile SIM products, part of our One Network suite, offer unparalleled performance, security and control, providing Spitfire with complete flexibility in product innovation and development.