One Network – Redefining IoT Connectivity
James Davis, Sales Manager, Birmingham
11 June 2024
Designed with IoT applications at its core, One Network is a bespoke network solution that integrates fixed line, 4G/5G mobile and on-net connections to cloud hosting platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The goal is to create a unified, private, and secure network provided and managed by a single supplier. Using MPLS, a low level private networking technology, this approach not only optimises communication budgets, but also ensures efficient application performance and complete reassurance that your IoT network is protected from external threats. We believe that Spitfire’s One Network is a unique sales proposition to the SME market.

IoT offers the opportunity to remotely access, control and analyse data in real-time, leading to significant service delivery improvements. With Spitfire’s Enhanced Mobile suite of products, we currently provide a range of data and connectivity solutions, tailored specifically to the burgeoning IoT space. IoT applications exist in many different industries or business sectors. Office applications include building monitoring systems and security cameras.

We have flexible and market leading pricing and our dedicated IoT Sales Specialists are here to help you decide which is best for you. They will also provide a technical consultation to understand your network needs and deliver a One Network solution for your business.

Some of our mobile IoT options include:

  • Dynamic and fixed private IP addressing

  • Managed routers

  • Remote Management Services

  • Private APNs

  • Web Portal for SIM information and data usage

Cybersecurity is a top priority for all businesses to avoid costly breaches. More businesses are now capitalising on the use of IoT in running their businesses. As more devices, sensors and gateways are connected, to provide valuable insights and information, this inevitably increases the attack surface for criminals and hackers, which then needs to be reviewed and subsequently locked down. One Network secures IoT devices alongside your normal business network. Where internet access is required then an easy-to-manage, centralised breakout is provided and controlled using our Firewall-as-a-Service solution. A single, robust and resilient point where your network touches the public internet, simplifying your entire business network’s security. FWaaS is also used to easily extend One Network, using VPN tunnels, to include external endpoints forming Spitfire Unified Network.


Contact our IoT Sales Team to speak to a dedicated IoT Specialist.