Spitfire Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams

Andy Duncan, IT Interface Manager
4 March 2021

Take control of your voice quality and call charges with Spitfire’s award winning SIP Trunks while enjoying the feature benefits of the Microsoft Teams platform. By utilising Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams you can use Spitfire’s SIP Trunks with Microsoft Teams Phone System and benefit from both flexible call costs and enhanced call quality.

Direct Routing is a feature of Microsoft Teams that allows you to use non-Microsoft SIP trunks with Teams. To utilise Direct Routing you need your Microsoft Office 365subscription to include Teams and Phone System and you need to deploy a compatible Session Border Controller (SBC) to connect your choice of SIP Trunks.

Spitfire’s Direct Routing for Teams service enables Spitfire SIP Trunks with the SBC capability required by Teams.

Critically, we have deployed our SBC within our core network which enables the use of Media Bypass – a mechanism that allows your call media to route directly to the SBC and onto the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) without routing via the Teams service or, when connecting via a Spitfire circuit, the public internet. Only by using an on-net SBC can you ensure your voice media avoids the public internet and therefore voice quality can be managed.

Spitfire Direct Routing for Teams is enabled on each channel of your SIP Trunk. So simply choose the number of SIP channels you require. Unlike Microsoft’s own call packages you do not need to subscribe to a call bundle for each user and you don’t need to deploy and manage your own SBC.

Simple pricing, no ongoing technical management required, improved voice quality capability.