Mobile Data – Teltonika Router Solutions

Andy Duncan, IT Interface Manager
30 April 2024

As the demand for mobile data solutions continues to grow, Spitfire has partnered with Teltonika to ensure we can provide a router that meets any technical solution requirement at an appropriate price point. Whether the solution is a fixed line alternative, a backup solution, an IoT Gateway or a multitude of other scenarios, Teltonika’s wide range ensures there is always a suitable device available.

Teltonika routers operate on a common firmware platform, ensuring all devices offer the technical capabilities required for even the most complex Spitfire solution whilst being simple to support and manage. All routers support Spitfire auto-failover, connectivity to MPLS, our static IP configuration options, are easily managed remotely, and offer a range of antenna, external enclosure and power supply options. So, when it comes to choosing the right router, which would we recommend?

The entry level RUT241 is a Cat4 (4G) router. At only £5 a month rental is ideal for a low-cost backup service or where high bandwidth isn’t needed.

The next step up is the RUT360. This Cat6 (4G+) router supports carrier aggregation whereby it will connect to the network over two bands (one for upstream, one for downstream) thus squeezing more bandwidth out of the network. This performance increase over the RUT241 can be well worth the small additional cost.

The RUTX12 adds dual SIM capabilities and GPS. So, if you need to track the location of your device, connect to the best available network or failover if there is a loss of signal, the RUTX12 solves these challenges.

Now that 5G is more prevalent, the RUTX50 is equipped to support these networks. This router can truly offer a fixed line alternative where 5G coverage is available, or indeed step down to 4G where it isn’t, also at a price point that’s lower than an equivalent fixed line Ethernet router.

When offering a supported solution, it is essential that we also provide effective remote management. Teltonika RMS is now available on all Spitfire Managed Teltonika routers, providing a portal for Spitfire to remotely support the devices as well as a platform for our customers to manage the device and gain visibility of the performance and any potential issues of their mobile network.