Telecoms for an Agile Workforce

Gary Cooper, Head of Direct Sales
7 February 2023

With the unprecedented challenges almost every company has had to manage since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of being able to properly support a remote and agile workforce has never been greater.

The majority of businesses had to enable their staff to work remotely with very little notice, meaning there was limited time for companies to prepare for such a big change in the day to day running of a business.

This was also true for ourselves, and it didn’t take long for some employees to run in to problems with the performance of their telecom solutions when initially setting up to work from home.

Pete Oosthuizen, our Partner Service Manager, spends most of his day on voice or video calls with his team, our Partners and our customers. With his wife also working from home and a young family needing to be kept entertained by Netflix’s back catalogue of “Peppa Pig and Friends”, their residential broadband connection struggled to meet the new demands that were being placed upon it very quickly.

This increased competition for bandwidth and the higher performance requirements of the voice and video applications now being used over the circuit quickly resulted in numerous issues for Pete. With audio quality becoming very poor and voice and video calls frequently dropping out, the impact of this insufficient connectivity was far reaching for Pete and Spitfire.

A Voice Assisted FTTC broadband circuit would have been a great choice, providing a great value service with data priority for business quality telephone calls.  As he was due to move house though, he really needed something with more short term flexibility.

Fortunately for Pete, he has excellent 4G coverage where he lives so we were able to quickly provide him with a Spitfire Mobile Broadband solution which now allows him to have a separate, dedicated connection for his work activity, providing access to the increased bandwidth and performance he needs to work efficiently and effectively from home.

This has been a common customer scenario in recent times as we have helped endless companies facilitate the change from office based communication to managing a remote and agile workforce. Along with our mobile data offerings, our ability to add ‘Voice Assist’ to a regular fibre broadband circuit has helped countless customers maintain voice and video quality while working from home. Alongside these connectivity options, our FireSwitch™ Hosted PBX 2.2 and 3CX Cloud phone solutions, and our private MPLS networks, have been at the forefront of the solutions our customers have required to meet the new communication demands of their workforce.

With agile, remote and hybrid working here for the long haul, do not put off reviewing the telecoms for your employees to ensure they are able to maximise their potential when not in the office. Reach out to us today for any advice or assistance you may need!