My top tips for what will make me read your CV

Samantha Emmerson, Recruitment, Office & Marketing Manager
19 April 2023

I receive a lot of CVs and it is very quick to separate the good from the bad.  So, what makes me want to read your CV and invite you for a chat with us at Spitfire?

You need to read the job description before you apply for the role and ensure you meet the jobs minimum requirements. 

Your CV must be tailored to the job you are applying for.  We are a company that operates in the technology sector and if you are applying for a sales role it’s no point your CV stating that you are excited by this Marketing role in a Finance company.  You would be surprised how many CVs I see that don’t even have the right job role or sector on it.  Many applicants just hit apply with no thought about what they are applying for.  It shows straight away, and I don’t advance these CVs at all.

A good CV is one that effectively communicates all education attained.  Ensuring that you include grades, dates, places that you have studied will definitely catch my eye. 

Simple formatting.  We ask for excellent written skills.  Does your CV demonstrate that?  Check the formatting and make sure there are no spelling and grammar mistakes.  Proofread your CV before sending it to me.

Spell out that you have the required skills for the job that you are applying for.

Ensure you include a headline – opening summary statement that quickly communicates your most useful qualifications and your most attractive qualities.  Bullet point your key skills that are relevant to the role.

Keep it up to date.  Show what you have been doing in the last 12 months if you are a full-time student, societies joined, skills learnt, achievements. Your recent role working in a pub could be important – it demonstrates your communications skills, commitment to a role, sales techniques.  It paints a picture of you.   If you’ve finished your degree now – tell me.

I look forward to receiving CV and if you go to Job Vacancies – Spitfire Network Services Ltd you will be able to see our latest vacancies and find out a bit more about us.