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Big Switch Off 2025

The ‘National Stop Sell’ date is upon us!

On 5th Sept 2023 Openreach implement a national stop sell on all UK exchanges meaning you can no longer order any new services that use the PSTN network.

Why? The copper network is ageing rapidly and in doing so has become less reliable and more costly to maintain. In order to modernise the UK’s telecoms infrastructure, BT are switching off the PSTN network and moving to an all IP network.

The project has already begun so don’t wait to consider your options.


In December 2025, Openreach will ‘Switch Off’ the PSTN telephone network. This will affect every single Openreach service utilising copper lines.

  • Analogue lines (WLR) – services such as PDQ machines, lift lines, fax, and alarm systems may all use an analogue telephone line.
  • ISDN2e and ISDN30e lines – mainly used with traditional telephone systems
  • Broadband – Broadband services that run over analogue telephone lines such as ADSL, SDSLM, SMPF and some FTTC Broadband.

  • 5th September 2023, a nationwide stop/sell of analogue and digital services. From this point onwards you cannot order new analogue or digital telephony services.

    31st December 2025, the analogue and digital network is switched off.



Where using an analogue line for telephony, Spitfire has created a replacement option called IP Voice. Simply plug an IP phone (or a digital phone and adaptor) into your Spitfire router and away you go. £5pm with bundled calls included.  

Where an IP phone system is required, Spitfire have a range of cloud phone system options including our leading telephony system, FireSwitch. Highly reliable, secure and feature rich system and meeting the needs of most UK businesses.


Legacy broadband such as ADSL, SDSLM and even some FTTC Broadband require an analogue line service to be provisioned. Modern broadband connectivity such as FTTP, SoGEA FTTC and MPF do not require an analogue line service.

From 5th September 2023, new broadband service must be ordered as either FTTP, SoGEA FTTC or MPF.

If an exchange is designated as an active FTTP Priority Exchange, then you can only order FTTP (assuming availability). This is defined when an exchange can cover approx 75% of the connected premises in the area.

Where your local exchange is not designated as an active FTTP Priority exchange then you must order either an FTTP, SoGEA FTTC or an MPF broadband service.

Other Analogue Services

Analogue lines used for alarms, fax, lift lines, PDQs etc will also need to be replaced with an IP supported service. Speak to your systems provider and discuss how best to migrate the signalling service from analogue/digital to VoIP.


First, review and audit your existing telecoms services and identify any service using analogue or ISDN lines. This may include telephony, broadband or services such as lift lines, PDQ, fax, alarms etc.

Second, identify what IP based service can replace the existing service and finally speak to a provider that can support you through the changeover.

Whether you’re a Spitfire customer or not, give us a call today and we can help you with a migration plan to ensure you are not left unprepared for the switch off.

Useful Tip: Look for a termination box on the wall where the lines enter the building. If they do not connect via your router then they may well use the analogue/digital network.


After 2025, there will be no access to the analogue/digital PSTN network. All signalling will utilise VoIP.

It’s not Openreach’s objective to remove all the copper cabling by 2025, the objective is to shut down the use of the telephone network utilising the copper. In fact, modern IP based services may still utilise the physical copper after 2025, however you will no longer have access to the PSTN network.

Openreach have a secondary objective to remove reliance on the physical copper infrastructure all together and replace it with fibre, however this work is not expected to complete before 2030.

Get ahead of the Great Migration

We hope you can join us in the iconic BT Tower on Tuesday, 3rd October for Spitfire’s Annual Partner Seminar and MVNO Launch Event

Partner Seminar 2023 (9.00am – 12:30pm)


Session 1:

2025 Big Switch Off

FireSwitch cloud telephony

IP Voice analogue replacement


Session 2:

Fibre connectivity

Security & Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

Mobile data & IoT


MVNO Launch Event (1:30pm 3.50pm)

What is an MVNO?

Reseller opportunities

One Network – Fixed, Mobile & Cloud

Key Elements to the MVNO Network

Enhanced Mobile & IoT solutions



Our Latest Pricing Offers

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5 Things You Need to Know

Here are 5 things you need to know when differentiating between different internet connections.

In this short video we highlight some key considerations when comparing connectivity options from different suppliers to help you and your customers when choosing the right circuit for their needs.

Partner Events

Partner Seminar and MVNO Launch Event

Date 03/10/23

Location: BT Tower

Speak to your
Account Manager for more
details and to secure
a place.


FireSwitch Partner Training


Date 14/09/23

2hr online course covering the
following areas:

      • How FireSwitch is built
      • Demo of key features
      • Demo of management portal
      • How to provision/manage

3CX Cloud Partner Training


Date 19/09/23

2hr online course covering the
following areas:

      • How 3CX Cloud is built
      • Demo of key features
      • Demo of management portal
      • How to provision/manage

FWaaS Partner Training


Date 19/10/23

2hr online course covering the
following areas:

      • Overview of Fortigate platform
      • Demo of key features
      • Demo of management portal
      • Customer deployment

Product Updates

Customer Portal

Manage your customer’s account information more efficiently using Spitfire’s Customer Portal.

Speak to your PAM today to arrange a demo.

FireSwitch Flex

We recognise the importance of contract flexibility for SMEs.

Introducing FireSwitch Flex!

Freedom to cancel a set number of extensions within the minimum contract term.

Real Time QoS

RTQoS now provided as standard on all FTTC and FTTP broadband connectivity (BTW).

Spitfire’s broadband circuits are the best in the business when used in conjunction with VoIP.

Spitfire Latest News

MVNO Announcement

We recently announced a full MVNO agreement using the Radio Access Network of a leading UK Mobile Network Operator – huge news!

Network Services 3

We are proud to announce that Spitfire has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s Network Services 3 (NS3) framework (RM6116).

Comms Business Awards 2023

More exciting news in that Spitfire won Best Connectivity Solution at the Comms Business Awards 2023! An excellent achievement from the whole Spitfire team

This month’s featured case study for IoT and Mobile Data

Established in 1967, Wilcomatic supplies and supports vehicle wash systems to petrol forecourts throughout the UK and has contracts with all the UK’s major supermarkets. The company also supplies a full range of other ancillary forecourt equipment including jet wash systems, vacuum units, tyre inflation equipment, and water recycling systems. Wilcomatic car wash units clean more than 20 million vehicles a year.

Key to Wilcomatic’s success is its ability to support, service and maintain all its equipment in the field utilising its 60-strong team of field service engineers. This service support is provided under multi-year contracts with strong performance yardsticks. Keen to use the latest technology to streamline and improve its service and maintenance activities, Wilcomatic turned to its long term communications partner, Spitfire Network Services Ltd (Spitfire), to provide an IoT based solution that was reliable and cost effective to deploy.

With more than 2000 sites globally and all the UK’s leading supermarkets using Wilcomatic wash, jet, vacuum units, tyre inflation and water recycling systems, ensuring that the services remain maintained and operational is a key business objective. In short, if the systems aren’t working Wilcomatic and its customers won’t generate revenue. Rotational rolling maintenance programs are inefficient and can’t keep pace with localised nuances where usage dynamically changes.

There are many factors involved which can require technician attention to keep the Wilcomatic services running smoothly: does the service have the right amount of washing chemicals, is it too cold or too hot, has something mechanical failed or is it simply not switched on? Finding a solution to identify issues as they arise on site would help Wilcomatic with service planning, building efficiency and ultimately optimising revenue potential. Connecting more than 900 devices in the field through a fixed line and router combination would be impractical due to device and sensor location and infeasible from a cost perspective. Wilcomatic needed to find a solution that used data via the mobile network, was easy to deploy and maintain and above all was cost-effective.

Spitfire has provided Wilcomatic with an IoT data connectivity SIM solution, currently serving in excess of 600 machines across the UK. Live data points including; temperature, fluid volume, on/off, fault codes, volume of transactions and the type of transactions are fed back to a cloud based reporting dashboard, where actions and priorities can be prioritised in real-time.

Being able to remotely monitor and predict Wilcomatic’s maintenance requirements in the field has meant a more efficient service for both Wilcomatic and its clients. By using Spitfire’s IoT data SIMs Wilcomatic is able to greatly reduce the data connectivity costs (by a factor of 10) paying only for what data is used, compared to that of a fixed internet connection.

The solution is also able to add new machines to the network in less than 24 hours and they can be located anywhere on site and not restricted to where a physical cable has been laid. Because of Spitfire’s IoT Data SIMs, Wilcomatic is able to achieve the best possible connectivity, no matter where the machines are located. Overall efficiency gains from the solution are significant, with the data collected from each machine relayed to an activity dashboard where judgements and remedies can be easily actioned. This allows for engineering workflows to be optimised, machines to operate at maximum capacity and issues to be dealt with in a timely manner.


Did you know? …

The longest Fibre optic cable in the world is called FLAG (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe) and is 16,800 miles long. It connects the UK and Japan and can carry 600,000 calls at any one time.