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DSL Backup Circuits

Free of charge on Premium Circuits

Free connection and router is available on most circuits. 

For ultimate resilience, DSL back-up circuits are available on a different access network to your primary circuit. And, as many of these circuits are configured to back up your connection automatically (auto fail-over), you won’t even notice a disruption in service.

Keep your connection, when others are losing theirs

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At Spitfire, we recognise that even the briefest of connection outages can cost your business dearly – which is why our broadband and ethernet circuits are among the most resilient and reliable on the market.

As the standard Openreach repair SLA is 40 hours, we recommend every circuit has a back up – one of the reasons we provide these free of charge for most Premium circuits on a two year contract.

For extra peace of mind, and because every DSL connection relies on a single pair of copper wires, we also offer a range of low-cost (and in many cases, free) ADSL, SDSLM and VDSL back-up circuits to keep your business online at all times – even when your primary internet circuit fails.

Talk to us today and make sure you’ve got a failsafe in place.

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Unsure of your broadband availability? Discover the broadband options available to you, with Spitfire’s fast and hassle free broadband checker.

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