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Ethernet Circuits (Leased Line Circuits)

The UK’s best value 2Mb – 1Gb Ethernet Leased Line Circuits


The best high-performance internet access,  full stop.


Offering uncontended, dedicated throughput with full bandwidth availability and higher reliability than all types of broadband, Business Ethernet circuits (also known as Ethernet Leased Lines) from Spitfire are backed by industry leading 100% target uptime performance SLAs that support voice, video and mission-critical data applications.


This gives you the reassurance of high speeds and high performance when you need it most.


Put simply, Spitfire’s ethernet circuits are the best Internet or Point-to-Point data circuits available for your office – and they cost just a fraction of old Leased Line services.


Free of Charge connection offer on 24 (EFM) and 36 (Fibre) month contracts.

Advantages of business ethernet

  • The fastest Internet connectivity available in the UK.
  • Industry leading SLAs- 100% target uptime.
  • Perfect replacement for existing Leased Line services – at half the cost.
  • Ideal for combined voice, video and data connectivity.
  • Bandwidths from 10Mb – 1Gb.
  • Uncontended bandwidth, guaranteed.
  • No DSL Overheads for maximum throughput.
  • Site-to-site connectivity.
  • Fibre ethernet 5 hour 24 x 7 fix time as standard.


Call us now on 0800 319 6363 to discuss your business ethernet requirements, or select from the following services to find out more.


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Fibre Ethernet – FibreStream®

Now from £193 per month – special offer pricing Offering unsurpassed reliability, guaranteed performance and astounding speeds of up to 1Gb, Fibre Ethernet from Spitfire is the gold standard of UK Internet connectivity. Spitfire offer industry leading SLAs including a 100% up time target!!

EFM Ethernet – CopperStream®

EFM Ethernet – From £105 per month With EFM Ethernet multiple copper pairs terminate on different core network equipment, providing an extra-resilient service with up to 35Mb of uncontended bandwidth backed by industry leading SLAs.

FTTC Ethernet – FibreStream Lite

Now only £99 per month FTTC Ethernet provides the UK’s best-value leased line service. Enjoy speeds of up to 20Mb, with dedicated end-to-end bandwidth both up and downstream. Ideal as… an affordable dedicated data solution for any business. 

EAD & OSA Point to Point

EAD and OSA circuits are the essential choice for larger businesses wishing to connect sites together or smaller businesses who require the highest levels of uptime, quality and bandwidth between sites.


High Speed Multi-Site Data Networking. Connecting into a resilient multi-core network managed centrally by Spitfire, MPLS networks bring benefits of simplicity, control and significant cost savings for your business. We offer a complete MPLS solution – delivering high-speed, secure, inter-site connectivity using a wide range of circuits.


Straightforward, Seamless, Secure… CloudConnect allows you to easily access Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services from your Spitfire MPLS network. Providing a secure, low latency connection with a fast and reliable throughput.

Voice Approved

When you upgrade your office internet for a faster, smoother connection, why not take advantage of cheaper, smarter phone calls too – by choosing a Voice Approved Circuit that provides full support for VOIP technology.

At Spitfire, we have a range of Voice Approved Circuits backed by SLAs that promise premium performance. No BT-based DSL circuits come with SLAs supporting ISDN voice quality – and without guarantees you run the risk of poor quality calls, call drops and intermittent/one-way audio.

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