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EAD & OSA Point to Point

EAD & OSA Point to Point

EAD & OSA Point to Point Circuits


Spitfire provides two types of “point to point” high bandwidth circuits, EAD and OSA depending upon bandwidth requirements.  They are both extremely high quality Fibre circuits used to provide a Wide Area Network between two sites, for example between two main offices or between an office and a data centre hosting applications.   EAD provides up to 10Gb whilst OSA can be provided up to a colossal 100Gb, that is 1000 times more than the normal Ethernet circuit used by a 50 person business.


Both types of circuits are uncontended and fully symmetrical, with exceptional quality and reliability.   They can both be combined with Spitfire Internet Ethernet circuits to provide Internet connectivity to multiple sites, and are fully compatible with our Auto-Failover and Converged IP engineering products.


EAD and OSA circuits are the essential choice for larger businesses wishing to connect sites together or smaller businesses who require the highest levels of uptime, quality and bandwidth between sites.


Ideal for… larger businesses which require very high bandwidth connections between sites


Interested in finding out more about EAD or OSA?   Give us a call on 0800 319 6363 or email us to talk to our expert consultants.


The main features of each are as follows:


EAD – Ethernet Access Direct:


  • 100Mb, 1Gb or 10Gb bandwidth options
  • Provide point to point WAN connectivity, not used for Internet access
  • Used within a localised area with a maximum of 45km between sites


OSA – Optical Spectrum Access:


  • 10Gb, 40Gb, 80Gb, 100Gb bandwidth options
  • Provide point to point WAN connectivity between large offices, not used for Internet access
  • Can be provided between sites nationwide with no distance limits


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