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Non-Geographic Numbers

Number Translation Service (NTS)


Extend your reach with 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers


Advertising a local number on a national campaign can hinder your business success, but NTS numbers from Spitfire provide the solution – giving your company a national presence regardless of your location.


We can supply an 0800, 0845 or 0870 NTS number, with calls routed through to your usual office line or any other ‘host number’, for a rental fee as low as £10 per month.


NTS numbers from Spitfire


• Variety of numbers available
• One-off connection fee of just £50
• Low monthly rental fees
• Outstanding customer service and support from experienced telecoms experts


See below for more information on NTS business number – or give our team a call and we’ll happily guide you through the options available. Contact us on 0800 319 6363 or drop us an email.


NTS Numbers in more detail


Rental costs for non-geographic business numbers depend on the desirability of the number. Each number is classified as either bronze, silver, gold or platinum.


Bronze NTS Numbers (i.e. 0845-262 0235) – £10 per month
Silver NTS Numbers (i.e. 0845-262 0248) – £20 per month
Gold NTS Numbers (i.e. 0845-262 0244) – £30 per month
Platinum NTS Numbers (i.e. 0845-262 0 262) – Price on application


In addition to the monthly rental fee, there is a one off charge of £50 whenthe number is first connected. Call costs are effectively shared between the owner of the number and the caller, so costs vary depending on the specific service.


Numbers starting in ‘08’ ensure callers will not be charged any higher than the standard BT rates for these calls:


0800 numbers
Cost to caller: Free
Cost to you: 3.95p


0845 numbers
Cost to caller: 3.36 (BT Local Rate)
Cost to you: Free


0870 numbers
Cost to caller: 6.70 (BT National rate)
Cost to you: -1.50*


*0870 numbers actually generate a credit of 1.5p per minute for each call received. However, please note that callers are being charged 6.7p per minute, which, although BT’s standard National Call charge, is significantly higher than most discount rates available.


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