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Avaya IP500

Business Telephone Systems

Highly resilient, flexible and powerful

The Avaya IP500 is one of the world’s premier phone systems for SMEs. Suitable for businesses with between 10 and 300 staff at a single office, and 1000 extensions across the organisation, it brings excellent call centre functionality, a host of great call features and superb handset options.

Key benefits


The Avaya IP500 is one of the world’s leading phone systems for businesses – equally suited to small offices with ten staff and multi-site organisations with up to 32 sites and 2,500 users.


The system combines cutting-edge technology with easy to use features – including second-to-none routing and call options that help you save money and improve productivity.

  • Available for single site or multi-site solutions, including home workers
  • Fully Unified Communications Solution – integrated communications from your desk phone, your laptop or mobile
  • Advanced & flexible voicemail including full conference bridge facilities, for up to 40 simultaneous calls on Preferred Edition
  • Hosted Avaya IP500 also available



And when your business grows, Avaya IP500 grows with you. The Avaya IP500 is designed with three software levels, with a built in upgrade path starting with Essential Edition (for up to 20 users), growing to Preferred Edition (which will support up to 500 staff on one site) and Advanced Edition for the most advanced call centre and customer service features.


Call us now on 0800 319 6363 to discuss your office telephone system requirements, or view the products below to find out more.

The leatherback turtle’s shell is flexible but strengthened by thousands of tiny bone plates covered with a thin skin.  Avaya IP500 – flexible and powerful

Avaya Product Range








As an Avaya Approved Partner, Spitfire is perfectly placed to supply, install and support the Avaya IP500. We currently have over 400 systems under maintenance, looked after by our own dedicated IP500 engineers.

•  12 years experience installing & maintaining IP Office systems

•  Our own IP500 engineers and project managers

•  Accredited Avaya installers since Avaya first started in 2001

•  All solutions on display in our central London offices

A hosted version of Avaya IP500 is also available with Spitfire, where we host your telephone system in our own data centre rather than you hosting it in your own office. Our team can help you decide which is the right option for you, but here are some of the key considerations.

Benefits of a hosted PBX can include :

•  Lower capital expenditure – typically 70% lower set up costs.

•  Flexibility – easy to increase or decrease number of extensions, adding or removing extra homeworkers or sites without large set up costs.

•  Ideal when staff move around.

•  Built in disaster recovery and resilience.

The key benefits of an on-site phone system can include :

•  Generally lower running costs once over 20 extensions.
•  Manage the programming yourself if you have sophisticated requirements
•  Call Centre functionality – normally better call centre features than hosted PBX, and easier integration with your CRM and other packages.
•  Better single site resilience as you can use ISDN30e as well as SIP (VoIP).

The Avaya IP500 phone system is compatible with a range of high-spec Avaya deskphones that look great, sound better, enhance productivity and turn communications into a competitive advantage for your business.

At Spitfire, we can equip your phone system with either the Avaya 1600 Series IP deskphones, or the Avaya 9600 Series.

The Avaya 1600 Series is a value-priced family of phones, designed to meet today’s communication needs of quality and reliability in a low-cost package. The Avaya 9600 Series is a high-performance model with advanced features, leveraging the power and flexibility of the enterprise IP Network.

With similar industrial design and administration, the 1600 Series and 9600 Series may be deployed in mixed environments or on their own. Talk to us to find out which desk phone series will be best for your business.

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