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Call Centre Solutions

Call centre solutions


Call and contact centre systems from Spitfire


Running a call centre at maximum efficiency relies as much on your technology as it does on your team.


And Spitfire, experts in the deployment of contact and call centre solutions, can devise you a cutting-edge call-centre reporting system that that provides the live data you need to monitor and improve performance.


In simple contact centres, that means knowing how many calls are being answered, who’s answering them, and how many calls are being missed. In a more formal call centre, it means full call routing, live wall boards, instant statistics and more.


Ultimately, it’s all about helping you give great customer service. So whether you’re running an inbound or outbound call centre, let us design a solution that works both for you and the people on the other end of the phone.


Call our own customer service team today on 0800 319 6363 and see how we can provide a call-centre solution for your business.


Why choose Spitfire to provide your contact centre solutions


Our contact centre solutions help you to:


• Deliver calls as quickly as possible to the most appropriate team member


• Cut waiting times for customers


• Make the most efficient use of your staff – your most valuable and expensive asset


• See which staff are performing well and which need more assistance.


• Minimise the number of queuing calls and abandoned calls.


• Ensure that call backs and email enquiries are all dealt with efficiently.


• Measure key statistics such as number of calls per agent and average length of call


• Link with call recording to provide training support through features such as call whisper



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