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SIP Communicator™ Support

SIP Communicator™ Support


The SIP Communicator™ Hosted PBX is Spitfire’s very own engineering – so you can rest assured that any problems will be dealt with the people who know the system best.


Our highly experienced engineers respond quickly and efficiently to any faults, ensuring any down time is kept to an absolute minimum.


Furthermore, with this system being hosted in Spitfire data centres, most fault-finding can be achieved remotely, cutting out the travel time that comes with a site visit. Of course, in the unusual case that the system cannot be fixed remotely, a site visit will be arranged.


Both on-site and in-house, we use cutting edge techniques and programmes to assist with fault finding, giving us the best possible chance of identifying and fixing the fault without any disruption to your working day.


Learn more about Spitfire’s SIP Communicator™ Hosted PBX here.

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