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Traditional Telephone Lines

Business Phone Lines – ISDN30e, ISDN2e, Analogue and SIP Trunks


Save a third on your BT bill


As well as providing award-winning business VOIP services, Spitfire is also one of the leading providers of traditional telephone lines. In fact, we’ve been supplying business phone lines since 2001 – when BT Phone lines were first allowed to be sold through independent Communications Providers.


That gives us unrivalled experience in managing the supply, installation and support of your phone lines – and yet our line rental and call charges are some of the very lowest around.


Make the simple switch from BT to Spitfire, and although your phone line won’t change in any way, you’ll save an average of 33% on your yearly line rental…


Spitfire phone lines – the key benefits


  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement and fault repair times.
  • All phone lines provided by Openreach (a BT Group company).
  • Simple administrative change to move from BT to Spitfire
  • Support remains provided by Openreach, but with Spitfire customer care.
  • All support is delivered from the UK
  • Large savings on call and line rental


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More about our business phone lines


Spitfire’s Phone Line Rental portfolio includes services provided by Openreach (a BT Group Company), that have equivalence with all BT Retail products. This allows us to provide you with a genuine one-stop solution to your telephone service requirements. Our relationship with Openreach is second to none.


Transferring line rental from BT to Spitfire is a simple administrative process. The line itself will not change in anyway – you are just transferring the billing and account management. Even so, you can expect to save 33% on your yearly rental bill – and enjoy a host of other benefits too:


All management, provision of new lines, cancellation of old lines, moves and changes are carried out by Spitfire – you never need to call a BT Retail call centre.


  • Specific account manager to look after your needs.
  •  Free audit of current telephone billing and rental charges.
  •  A clear and easy to understand single billing solution – all sites, telephone numbers, usage descriptions, rental charges, call charges, broadband and mobile costs on one monthly bill.
  •  No transfer charges.
  •  All transfers handled from start to finish by Spitfire. This is an administrative change – no site visits by engineers required.
  •  Existing BT Retail and other numbers retained – including when moving sites.
  •  Full management when moving sites.


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Business Phone Lines

From £10 per month Business telephone lines or analogue lines have been available for almost 100 years. They can be implemented as single Direct Exchange Lines (DELs) for use with alarm, PDQ, xDSL or Fax – or just as a simple, great-value phone line.

ISDN2e Lines

From £27 per month (Two-channel circuit) ISDN2e is a digital business line service for smaller offices. It comes with two channels enabling two calls at the same time. Compatible for use with DDI numbers, and offers great monthly savings.  

ISDN30e Lines

From £13.35 per month ISDN30e is the premium digital business line, ideal for bigger offices needing eight lines or more. Includes a range of support options, including a 6-hour repair SLA – and offers a 33% line rental saving compared with BT.

Voice Approved

When you upgrade your office internet for a faster, smoother connection, why not take advantage of cheaper, smarter phone calls too – by choosing a Voice Approved Circuit that provides full support for VOIP technology.

At Spitfire, we have a range of Voice Approved Circuits backed by SLAs that promise premium performance. No BT-based DSL circuits come with SLAs supporting ISDN voice quality – and without guarantees you run the risk of poor quality calls, call drops and intermittent/one-way audio.

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