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Business Phone Lines

Business Phone Lines

One simple switch to save money every month

Business phone lines offer a cost effective and uncomplicated way to stay connected with your customers.

But if you’re renting your line through BT, you might still be paying more than you have to. Switch to Spitfire, and you’ll save at least 37% on your line rental every month.

Why switch to Spitfire?


  • £10 per month line rental vs £15.90 with BT – saving 37%
  • No transfer fees from your existing provider
  • Cheaper installation than BT – £99 Spitfire vs £120 with BT
  • Re-start an existing line from just £10 vs £35 with BT
  • Range of support options providing up to 24/7 fault resolution
  • Multi-line Premium installations available for PBX connectivity
  • Sim-provide installation available when ordered with broadband
  • All Select Services available such as Call Minder and Call Divert



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More complex requirements? Please contact us to find the right solution for your business.

Just £10 per month


Business phone lines or analogue telephone lines are now primarily used as a bearer line with xDSL broadband services. However they can also be implemented as a single Direct Exchange Line (DEL) for use with alarm systems (Redcare), PDQ, modems or fax – or simply as great value standalone phone line.


Spitfire provide business phone lines through BT Wholesale making it straight forward to transfer an existing service to us.  You are then billed a competitive rate with no change of service or down time.  Once the transfer is completed within just 10 days Spitfire would then become your point of contact for both Support and Billing. Easy.


Choose the fault resolution level which best suits your requirement, right up to a 24/7 service with a 6 hour fix for business critical lines.


To switch your existing BT business phone lines to Spitfire, or to discuss installing new analogue phone lines, please just give us a call on 020 7501 3333 or 0800 319 6363.


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Business Phone Line

Phone or Data


Transfer Line:
 Yes - Free

Restart Line:
 Yes - just £10

Sim-provide for DSL:


per month

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Business phone lines in more detail


Business phone lines or analogue telephone lines are a PSTN service rather than ISDN (Public Switched Telephone Network), and are still widely used for a variety of purposes such as alarm lines, lift lines, ADSL bearer lines, PDQ machines, or just as a simple phone line.


There are a number of support options available from Service Level 1 (SL1) through to Service Level (4) – the difference being in the Service Level Agreement fault-repair times.


For a normal business service, Spitfire always recommends Service Level 2 as a minimum.  From just £1.50 per month this provides target fault clearance by the end of the next working day.  


For business critical phone lines we recommend Service Level 3 as a minimum – providing 24/7 cover and a target fault clearance of end of next half working day.

Cost comparison


  • Business phone line rental with Spitfire is 37% cheaper than BT on a 12 month contract. BT business phone line rental is £15.90 per month vs Spitfire £10 per month.
  • Spitfire’s new line installation price is also 18% cheaper than BT – costing £99 as opposed to BT’s fee of £120.
  • Restart a line on site for just £10 with Spitfire – that’s over 70% less that BT.
  • Already have a BT phone line? Then switching to Spitfire is easy and just a straight forward admin change – the line itself doesn’t change, you’re simply transferring your billing and account management to us.


To switch or simply find out more, call our team on 020 7501 3333 or 0800 319 6363.

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