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ISDN2e Lines

ISDN2e Lines

High-quality calls, low monthly cost

ISDN2e lines bring digital call quality to your small business, offering a first-class phone solution for offices with up to eight people.

Each connection gives you two channels (enabling two simultaneous calls) and multiple connections can be used together up to a maximum of eight channels or calls.

Best of all, Spitfire ISDN2e line rental is 33% cheaper than BT (£27 compared to £40.92) - and the savings really add up every time you add channels.

The crystal clear benefits of ISDN2e lines


  • One single circuit connection can support two calls
  • Great call-quality
  • Used for back up for VoIP services
  • Available with DDI numbers
  • Range of maintenance/support options.
  • All lines provided by Openreach
  • Free transfer of any BT line to Spitfire

 From £27 per month (Two-channel circuit)


ISDN2e is a digital business line service for smaller offices. It comes with two channels on one connection, enabling the use of two calls at the same time. Compatible for use with DDI numbers, and offers great monthly savings.



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More about ISDN2e


ISDN2e is a digital business line service for smaller offices. It comes with 2 channels on one connection, with the ability to link multiple connections together – each with its own connection box (NTE), but with DDI numbers across all linked connections.


The use of DDI numbers is exactly the same as with ISDN30e. ISDN2e can also be used with stand alone equipment such as Video Conferencing, although this is now usually done via an IP (Internet Protocol) connection.

To switch your BT lines to Spitfire, or to discuss installing new ISDN2e lines for your office, please just give us a call on 0800 319 6363.

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