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ISDN30e Lines

ISDN30e Lines

Premium business telephone lines from Spitfire

ISDN30e is the premium digital business line, perfect for larger business premises. It can be used to connect between eight and 30 users, either using the lines independently, or combining them for greater bandwidth to send voice, video and data.

Not only is ISDN30e the best traditional-type phone line for large offices - it also provides the biggest savings in comparison with BT.

Line rental with Spitfire is just £13.35 per month. With BT, you’ll pay £20.80 for the exact same line…

ISDN30e from Spitfire. The top line:


  • 36% cheaper line rental than BT
  • Free transfer of any BT line to Spitfire
  • All ISDN30e circuits provided by Openreach
  • DDI numbers available
  • Superb digital call quality
  • Range of maintenance/support options, including a 6 hour repair SLA.
  • Multiple connections available for larger offices.
  • First-class, UK-based support

From £13.35 per month


ISDN30e is the premium digital business line, ideal for bigger offices needing eight lines or more. Includes a range of support options, including a 6-hour repair SLA – and offers a 33% line rental saving compared with BT.


To switch your BT lines to Spitfire, or to discuss installing new ISDN30e lines for your office, please just give us a call on 0800 319 6363



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More on ISDN30e business lines


ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network, and the ‘e’ on the end denotes the European standard ISDN service rather than the older DASII variant that was a UK standard. ISDN has been available in the UK since 1992.


ISDN30e is ideal for customers requiring any number of lines from 8 upwards. It connects between 8 and 30 lines/users on a single bearer cable, and the ability to use multiple bearers means it is the most flexible digital business phone line service available for a growing, thriving business.


Like ISDN2e, ISDN30e uses Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers, allowing individual numbers to be used for individuals, departments and marketing purposes.


Key features include:


  • 8 channels + on one connection.
  • Good value DDI numbers available in blocks of 10.
  • Can port an existing single number as an SNDDI (Single Number DDI).
  • Up to 5 DDI ranges (an SNDDI counts as a range).
  • Six-hour fault clearance SLA
  • Increase or decrease channels very easily, in single channel increments.


To discuss these benefits with one of our experts, and to see how ISDN30e lines can work for you, call us on 0800 319 6363.

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