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A day in the life of … Matthew Glanville, Provisioning Administrator

I joined the WLR and DSL team, within the Provisioning department of Spitfire, in June 2019. My team deals with analogue lines and the broadband services that run on those lines, as well as Fibre to t... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – Tom McManus, Senior Engineering Partner Manager

Tom McManus, our resident muso and technical guru, joined the Spitfire Midlands office over 6 years ago.  In that time he has passed CCENT and is CCNA qualified, making a real impact to the Partner ... read more

How to choose a business broadband in a congested market, Ed Bamforth, Sales Manager

Not all broadbands are created equal   There are now more varieties, speeds, infrastructure types and providers than ever before. So how do you go about choosing what option is right for your bus... read more

A day in the life of … a Customer Account Manager – Suheil Harjani

My day usually starts around 7AM – I have a strong coffee or a double scoop of pre-workout and then head to the gym, for a run, or for a kayak around the Rock.   I’m currently based out in Gi... read more

A day in the life of… a Senior Project Manager – Alex Poole

Working as a Project Manager means I have multiple projects to manage and so at the beginning of the day I will check through each of my current projects for any updates or work that needs to be actio... read more

A day in the life of… a Graduate Engineering Account Manager – Aled Tomos

When I was applying for a position at Spitfire, what I really wanted to know was what I would be doing on a day-to-day basis. In this blog I will run you through all the activities I get up to on an a... read more

Meet the team – Laura Hall, Provisioning & Billing Manager

How long have you worked at Spitfire?   I have worked at Spitfire for almost 10 years starting out as a Provisioning Coordinator looking after analogue lines and ISDN.  I really enjoyed being pa... read more

Meet the team – Gary Cooper, Sales Manager

What’s your role? Since joining as a Customer Account Manager more than 8 years ago, I have progressed through a number of roles to the position I now hold as a Sales Manager of the Direct Sales tea... read more

Meet the Team – Dan Chada, Customer Account Manager

Tell us how you ended up at Spitfire?   After Graduating at university in 2017 I took a gap year where I taught English as a foreign language in a rural town in China for 8 months and spent the s... read more

Meet the Team – Alice Van Cliff, Sales Administrator

Tell us how you ended up at Spitfire? After I finished my history degree in York in 2019 I moved back to London, not quite knowing what direction I was heading in next. Having specialised in medieval ... read more

Working From Home Solutions – James Davis, Birmingham Sales Manager

Spitfire has been promoting a diverse range of options for working from home. As our valued customers, we would like to show you how we see the evolution of home-working.   FLEXIBLE CALL DIVERSIO... read more

Spitfire Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams – Andy Duncan, IT Interface Manager

Take control of your voice quality and call charges with Spitfire’s award winning SIP Trunks while enjoying the feature benefits of the Microsoft Teams platform. By utilising Direct Routing for Micr... read more

WLR Switch Off: Don’t Wait Until 2025 – Peter Goddard, Birmingham Partner Manager

The switch off of the Openreach WLR network and what it means for you.   In 2025 the last elements of Openreach’s WLR network will be turned off. The impact on telephony and Broadband services ... read more

4 Tips from us to help you work from home effectively – Kim Liwag, Partner Co-ordinator

Working from home has been a big change for many of us, here are our team’s top four tips that are keeping us productive:   1. BE AN EARLY BIRD When working in the office, any commute you m... read more

Meet the Team – Nicol Kay, Project Management Team Manager

How long have you worked at Spitfire?   I’ve been at Spitfire since 2013. I originally started on the Ethernet team within Provisioning, placing and managing ongoing Ethernet orders, before mov... read more

The New World of Connectivity – Partner Services

Working from Home is likely to be a cultural shift in working practices that is here to stay. In response to this and the advancements in the wider telecoms industry, Spitfire has launched a new range... read more

My Home Working Set-up – James Davis, Birmingham Sales Manager

The transition from working in the office to working at home has been strange without a doubt! Now we’re many months down the line, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my own experience and the too... read more

5 Considerations When Implementing Hybrid Working

Working from home is not a new consideration for many businesses. For a number of years businesses have effectively supported staff working at home from time to time but with the outbreak of coronavi... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – James Thompson, Partner Account Manager

We would like to congratulate James Thompson, the latest member of the Partner Team to be promoted to Partner Account Manager. Read more about James below:   Tell us how you ended up at Spitfire?... read more

It is 50 years this week since Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

Neil Armstrong’s words as he stepped onto the moon for the first time are recorded as “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. However Armstrong maintains that he said “... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – Stuart Hindley, Partner Account Manager

We would like to congratulate Stuart Hindley, the latest member of the Partner Team to be promoted to Partner Account Manager on March 1st 2019! Stuart has now worked at Spitfire for 2 years. Read the... read more

Insider Media’s Business Matters Blog: 1 site, 2 sites, 3 or 4? Make your IT work from door to door

Whether operating across multiple offices, moving applications to the Cloud or planning to expand or merge, there are choices to be made when it comes to inter-connecting these locations. Spitfire’s... read more

SIP Gateway from Spitfire upgrades ISDN PBX for SIP trunks

25 February 2019   Spitfire, the multi-award winning Internet telephony service provider and ISP, is now offering customers with conventional PBX phone systems SIP Gateway, a simple solution that... read more

It’s Wi-Fi but not as you know it.

The Wi-Fi Alliance™, the organisation that co-ordinates companies that design and produce Wi-Fi™ electronics and certifies their compatibility, has decided to re-brand Wi-Fi using more user friend... read more

Choosing the right business ISP partner

In choosing a business ISP to partner with it’s critical to do your homework and be wary of the cheapest ‘no frills’ providers as you will be left on your own!  Meet with prospective providers ... read more

Update – Broadband Universal Service Obligation

Since our original article was written there has been an update on progress towards a UK Universal Service for broadband.   On 19th June 2018 Ofcom published a request for expressions of interest... read more


On the 3rd January 2018 the Financial Conduct Authority launched the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) in what has been considered the biggest shakeup in the Financial Services ind... read more

Choosing an Ethernet Provider

The industry average lead time for Fibre Ethernet is currently in excess of 6 months, although this can vary from 2 weeks to 2 years depending on whether your building has fibre installed or not. With... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – Kim Liwag, Partner Coordinator

In our next meet the team interview we meet Kim who is the Team Coordinator for the Spitfire Partner Team. Kim has a passion for tech and is a keen gamer, particularly ESport games. Read further to se... read more

BLOG – Mistakes with IP addresses can have serious consequences

We’ve all done it. You can’t be an IP engineer without occasionally in your career mistyping an IP address.  When an engineer gets an IP address wrong the consequences are normally a short period... read more

5 Considerations When ‘Moving to the Cloud’

‘The Cloud’ has been a buzz word across the IT industry for a number of years now with most SME’s adopting or at least considering this approach to their IT strategy. Disaster recovery, addi... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – James Davis, Partner Team Leader

In our next ‘meet the team’ interview we meet James Davis, a Partner Team Leader based in our Midlands office. James is a keen runner with a number of marathons already under his belt.  See what ... read more

Five considerations when upgrading to an IP phone system

With traditional ISDN based digital telephony now a legacy product and due to be taken out of service in the year 2025 there has never been a better time to upgrade your phone system to Voice over IP.... read more

Who is big in the cloud?

The US investment bank Jeffries has published its research into cloud provider’s revenue and for the first time finds Microsoft Azure has overtaken Amazon Web Services (AWS) in total cloud revenue b... read more

Five considerations when upgrading your internet connection

Upgrading your internet connection provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to take advantage of faster bandwidth at lower costs. Previously thought of as a connection for big corporations, Eth... read more

Broadband Universal Service Obligation

Shortly before last year’s General election the UK Government passed into law the Digital Economy Act 2017. It’s a collection of legislation covering the use of wireless spectrum, ticket touts, on... read more

The Dark Side of the Internet of Things

In recent years ‘IoT’ (Internet of Things) devices have become ubiquitous. Chances are that if you buy an electronic device today it will have some kind of internet connectivity option (a neighbou... read more

Tis the season to get your PBX hacked. Get wise about preventing PBX fraud.

Long holiday breaks are prime time for criminals carrying out PBX fraud. As many businesses close down for up to a week over Christmas this gives them plenty of time to hack into a PBX and then run up... read more

5 Considerations when moving office

Moving office is one of the most stressful things a business can do. Whether you’re relocating or expanding there are many things to consider and plan for in advance. As both an Internet Service Pro... read more

Meet the Partner Service Team – Tom Evans, Partner Account Manager

In the second ‘Meet the Partner Service Team’ blogs meet Tom Evans, a Partner Account Manager based in London. Tom’s been with Spitfire for two years now and has a wealth of knowledg... read more

Meet our new London Partner Sales Manager

In a new series of blog posts we’ll be introducing you to key members of our Partner Team here at Spitfire. First up is our new London Partner Sales Manager, Peter Oosthuizen, a Spitfire veteran... read more

The pros of working in an SME

Alicia Medlicott, Recruitment and HR Manager for Spitfire, discusses the benefits of working for an SME... read more

BT and Openreach split, opens window of opportunity

Telecoms industry guru and Joint Spitfire MD, Justin Orde reflects on the market changes in 2016 and what they presage for the year ahead... read more

Tablet use in decline

Examining the logs from our web server it is noticeable that the trend towards users viewing from smartphones has increased... read more

Thoughts on Openreach’s G.Fast

James Newton, IP Engineer for Spitfire gives his thought on the future of Broadband  ... read more

Who’s Afraid of IT?

Alicia Medlicott, Recruitment and HR Manager for Spitfire, explains why graduates should be considering a career in Technology.   Technology plays a vital part in our day to day life, and unlike ... read more

NET Neutrality?

Graham Lewis, our Director IP Engineering, discusses the thorny issue of Net Neutrality following the Comcast controversy in the USA.   Network neutrality is the idea that Internet Service Provid... read more

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