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Partner Services

Why become a Spitfire Partner?

Spitfire’s Partners benefit from being able to provide their customers with access to the widest range of business internet and telephony services in the UK delivered with exceptional service and support.

Over 500 IT and Telecoms companies have chosen to partner with us and together we provide services to more than 5500 UK businesses.

Partnering with Spitfire is simple and can lead to broadening your product portfolio and growing your revenues.

We pay generous commission for recommending our services, but more importantly, the improvement you will experience in customer service and fault response times will effectively protect your reputation and help secure your customer relationships.


Spitfire’s Partner Service

Our partners enjoy working with us and value what we can add to their businesses for many different reasons, depending on both the nature of their business and the client base that they cater for.

Our best in class products and our ability to leverage innovations and improvements in technology and networks mean that you will be able to offer your customer the best solutions for their business.

Spitfire has wide experience in assisting IT companies provide internet services, and have had particular success in assisting IT companies move into VoIP – whether on-site, hosted or cloud based services.

We are always on the lookout for like-minded IT companies, who share our drive.


  • Free of charge or heavily discounted back-up circuits for all business customers


  • Back-up circuit uses a separate wholesale network where available


  • Diverse Routing available on Ethernet circuits, providing complete resilience protecting against circuit, BT exchange or data node failure


  • Resilient SIP Trunks with failover to alternative telephone numbers


  • Self-healing core network ring for maximum resilience

  • Ostriches and zebras share a collaborative relationship that is based on each other’s strengths. Together, they form a unique partnership that allows them to thrive and ultimately become more resilient.


  • CCENT certified, dedicated account manager allocated to all our partners


  • Available to assist in scoping out projects, meeting customers or running demos


  • On-line portal where you can review all customer services and create orders


  • Yearly Partner Seminar, providing an overview of current market environment

Expert Service
  • All our support technicians are trained to solve faults, not to read from scripts


  • Calls are answered within 6 seconds. 80% of cases resolved by technician who answered the call


  • Both commercial and technical training provided for your sales team and engineers


  • Free training courses available, including on our award winning SIP Communicator system and Telephony Fraud

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