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Home > A day in the life of… a Graduate Engineering Account Manager – Aled Tomos

A day in the life of… a Graduate Engineering Account Manager – Aled Tomos

When I was applying for a position at Spitfire, what I really wanted to know was what I would be doing on a day-to-day basis. In this blog I will run you through all the activities I get up to on an average day at Spitfire.


Firstly, after logging in to my laptop and getting my morning cup of coffee, the first task is to plan your day. I normally start by looking through my emails that I have received since I logged out yesterday. After I go through the reminders on my calendar from the day before and then lastly I look at what sales leads I will need to call that day.


At 9:30 we have a team call in which we get our morning announcements and have a general catch up. The team have been so welcoming since I started and if you need any help you can give them a ring and they will be able to answer any questions you have no matter how stupid the question. Trust me I have asked some pretty stupid questions over the past year. Between 10:00am and 12:00pm is when I do the majority of my calls. I call up any leads that I’m chasing and then call some of my accounts to review their setup and check that they are still happy with the services we provide.


At 12:00pm I take my lunch. One of the benefits of working from home means I have full access to my kitchen to make whatever I want, although most days I just make a sandwich and watch some TV.


The afternoon is where I get most of my training done. At 1pm I review our current products we provide whilst also sending some emails to book in account management calls with my customers. When 2pm arrives all the graduates join a call to do a CCNA class run by Spitfire. CCNA is a hard course to learn but it becomes a vital tool when we are selling data connectivity and voice solutions.


After that I will make some proposals for some of the leads I have hopefully generated in the morning, followed by sending these proposals out to the customer. During the afternoon, I catch up with senior members of the team and discuss leads that we are doing together. This is a great way to learn as you can see exactly how the more experienced salespeople go about closing a deal. At the end of the day I have a final check of my emails, before getting on a call with my manager to discuss any notable events from the day.


Working at Spitfire is a lot of fun and even though I have not met anyone in person yet you definitely feel a sense of comradery within your sales team and beyond.

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