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Home > A day in the life of… a Senior Project Manager – Alex Poole

A day in the life of… a Senior Project Manager – Alex Poole

Working as a Project Manager means I have multiple projects to manage and so at the beginning of the day I will check through each of my current projects for any updates or work that needs to be actioned. I can then plan my day around the most urgent.


We will have regular team meetings in the morning, which is an opportunity to catch up with everyone and discuss news within the team/company. This is something that has been especially helpful since working from home!


The tasks I have to complete for the day will vary depending on the stage each project is. If we are towards the beginning of a new project, I will have a conference or video call with the customer and their IT Support to go over their phone system and network setup. Projects that are further along will require contact via email/phone to make sure all aspects of the project are running in accordance with the timeframes we are working to.


Most days will also require discussions with our engineers. These will be to go over any changes to our products/services as well as to discuss existing projects. For example, prior to an engineer carrying out a phone system install, we will need to plan all aspects of this from travel to the customer’s site, to making sure the customer’s network infrastructure is all in place for us to ensure of a successful install.


Another part of my day will be to discuss sales opportunities with our Account Management Team. This involves looking at a potential customer’s requirements and making sure that what we are proposing will meet their needs. For example, a customer may request that their phone system is integrated with their existing CRM system. I will therefore need to look into this integration to make sure it is something we can offer seamlessly.


Towards the end of the day, I will carry out another review of all projects, similar to how I will at the start of the day, as there will likely be updates that have come through since. Any updates, such as a change to an install date for example, I can then action before the end of play.


I enjoy my job – it is varied and interesting.  I like being able to talk to our customers and liaising with our internal team is satisfying to ensure we deliver their solutions on time.

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