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A day in the life of … Matthew Glanville, Provisioning Administrator

I joined the WLR and DSL team, within the Provisioning department of Spitfire, in June 2019. My team deals with analogue lines and the broadband services that run on those lines, as well as Fibre to the Premises.


One of the main responsibilities of my role is to check orders that come through to Provisioning, either through our Sales Support team or via our Web Ordering system. I carefully check the orders to ensure that all of the required information is provided, as well as check for any errors. This stage of the process is very important, as being thorough often helps to prevent issues later on.  Once the order is checked, I then create the record for the product on our system (most of which is done for me if it is a Web Order, which is always a treat!)


Following order placement, I liaise with suppliers and customers to organise and arrange the necessary site visits to get the services installed. We provision the order from the moment it is placed right up to completion. If there is a delay on the supplier side, I chase them to get the issue resolved, and the order progressed as efficiently as possible.


For my role, one of the most important skills is attention to detail. We need to be as meticulous as possible to ensure everything goes smoothly. Also important is good organisation. Many tasks come to us throughout the day with varying levels of urgency, so it is important to be able to prioritise these, and identify what needs attention first. I am a very neat person, so I enjoy the organisational aspect of my role a lot. It can be very satisfying to move an email to the relevant folder once it has been dealt with! Issues with ongoing orders often require critical thinking, and it can also be satisfying to reach a resolution for a particularly tricky install.


Spitfire has adapted to working from home during the pandemic brilliantly. A paperless system was organised very swiftly and we have experienced very few issues even from the beginning. There have been a lot of benefits to working from home, however I am also looking forward to returning to the office, as we have a great workplace dynamic within the team and the company as a whole.

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