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Meet our new London Partner Sales Manager

In a new series of blog posts we’ll be introducing you to key members of our Partner Team here at Spitfire. First up is our new London Partner Sales Manager, Peter Oosthuizen, a Spitfire veteran and keen rugby fan.


How long have you worked at Spitfire?

I have been with Spitfire since July 2011 when I was employed straight out of Exeter University as a Customer Account Manager. In 2013 I was promoted to Partner Account Manager working closely with our Partners on new business opportunities.

In 2014 I became Partner Sales Team leader where I directly managed a team of Partner Account Managers and Customer Account Managers and was essentially responsible for training, relationships held with Partners and ultimately the performance of my team’s growth.


You’ve been promoted to London Partner Sales Manager, what does this mean for the team?

One of my key roles as London’s Partner Sales Manager will be to further develop our Partner program and use the experiences I have gained over the years to help improve the relationships we have with our Partners. I’ll also be reviewing the information and services we provide and look to:

  • Increase support and training for Partners based on their feedback.
  • Improve the communication with our Partners through social media platforms and Partner networking events.
  • Grow our Partner team both in our total revenue generated and number of live Spitfire Partners.


What’s the best thing about being a Spitfire Partner?

You will of course need to ask our Partners that question but personally I believe it is their ability to talk to an account manager who understands their business as well as our own. Our account managers go through extensive industry training and earn a CISCO CCENT qualification before they become a Partner Account Manager.


They gain a full understanding of the architecture of the internet, how it works and how this impacts traffic on a LAN infrastructure and cloud-based services.  When we recommend a solution for a client it will be a tailored solution specific to their needs. When our Partners recommend Spitfire they can be confident their relationship with the customer remains rock solid.


What does the future hold for Spitfire’s Partner Service?

The future is bright. Spitfire continues to grow even through these difficult economic times. We have just recruited 4 new account managers into our Partner Team giving us a team of 24! We hope to increase this to 26 after a boost to our Midlands Team in the coming months. We have invested heavily in our network infrastructure and are continually developing our key products to provide a better service reaching the whole of the UK. We are also developing our Partner Portal making it easier for Partners to access information and pricing as well as placing orders at the click of a button.


What is your biggest concern in the industry right now?

The telecoms industry is a monster and one that is always changing. One of my biggest concerns is the uncontrolled transition to Voice over IP as there are serious fraud and call quality issues with this if not done properly. Communication is everything to a business and although there are multiple ways to communicate in this day and age, people will always want to talk to people.


Spitfire’s Voice over IP services provide a dedicated, low cost, voice only internet circuit linked directly into Spitfire’s voice network. This guarantees a high-quality call and removes any of the risks associated with running voice over the public internet.

If you are interested in learning more about avoiding the most common pitfalls see Spitfire’s whitepaper -“The day the world stops talking”.


After a busy day looking after our Partners, how do you unwind?

I am a big sports fan so I enjoy watching whatever sport is on in the evenings but preference is Rugby. I play for a London-based team and I find it a great way to unwind. Aside from sport any extra downtime is spent exploring London. London for me is one of the greatest cities in the world so I take any opportunity I get to explore it. Fortunately, you are never more than a stone’s throw away from a pub in London so I have made it a hobby to ensure I am always ‘hydrated’ when discovering the city.


Finally if you were asked to set up a new office for Spitfire’s Partner Service anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I would go back to my roots and head for South Africa. We actually have a few Partner contacts in the area so I am sure they would help us hit the ground running if we ever considered an international branch.

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