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Choosing the right business ISP partner

In choosing a business ISP to partner with it’s critical to do your homework and be wary of the cheapest ‘no frills’ providers as you will be left on your own!  Meet with prospective providers because you are seeking a true partnership and spend time evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.


Pose the following questions:


  1. Detail the full range of connectivity solution. Do they extend from inexpensive DSL through FTTC Ethernet and onto Fibre Ethernet?    Do they use multiple wholesale suppliers for resilience and broader on-net access to Ethernet?
  2. Can they provide Private WAN connectivity for all budgets, for example can they connect both Broadband and Ethernet into a MPLS network for customers with multiple sites?
  3. Do they provide on-net connectivity to leading data centres and Cloud Providers such as AWS & Azure for greater performance and security?
  4. Do they provide on-net connectivity to their own SIP Trunks and Cloud PBX solutions with assured voice quality over specialist Broadband and Ethernet circuits? You are risking voice quality and potential voice fraud if they don’t!
  5. How resilient is their own network? Do they have multiple data nodes using multiple equipment vendors?   Do they connect back-up circuits to geographically separate data nodes?  Do they provide resilient SIP Trunks as standard?
  6. Does every connectivity type come with a clear SLA detailing response, target fix and service credits?

Account Management and Training:

  1. What form does training take? Will they just be pointed at an online portal or will their Account Manager and appropriate engineers provide bespoke training?     Do they offer practical, hands-on training on cloud phone systems, with engineers available to help them install systems where required?
  2. Will they be given a proactive account manager with extensive IT knowledge and industry recognised qualifications who is available for customer visits?
  3. Does the provider allocate a specific Project Coordinator to larger or more complex projects, including all hosted telephony solutions or are you left to manage this?


  1. How regimented is their resell or referral model or can this be flexible to meet your requirements? For example you might not want the risk of reselling Ethernet but still want to make a decent margin, or perhaps you want a co-branded invoice.
  2. How long are their contracts, what is their policy towards upgrades and contract renewals?
  3. Do they rely solely on online portals for quotations and pricing or can they be more flexible, for example putting together proposals on your behalf even where you are reselling?
  4. Evaluate their business strategy! How long have they been in business providing connectivity?   Are they pursuing growth through private equity funded acquisition which tends to lead to service issues or do they have self-funded organic growth over many years?   Does their service culture match yours, or are you going to find that they are the weak point in your solution?


The best suppliers will not only provide the UK’s widest range of market leading, competitively priced voice and data circuits but will combine this with exceptional account management, training and support.   This is what we specialise in doing at Spitfire, with our Account Managers trained to CCENT and CCNA level to ensure that they can help our Partners navigate the range of connectivity, voice and IP Engineering products to put together the right solution for every requirement and budget, whether a large multisite corporation or a small office.



by Nick Goodenough, Spitfire Partner Service Director


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