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Five considerations when upgrading your internet connection

Upgrading your internet connection provides a fantastic opportunity for businesses to take advantage of faster bandwidth at lower costs. Previously thought of as a connection for big corporations, Ethernet is now available for as little as £99 a month, making it a great option for small businesses particularly those with servers/applications in the cloud. If you think it’s time for your business to upgrade, contact Spitfire today.

However, it is crucial to ensure that any upgrade meets your requirements. Below are five considerations to consider when upgrading your internet connection.


  1. What are you using the internet for?

The internet connection you require is dependent on your business needs. For example, if you are sending large files you’ll need a connection with high upload speeds. If all your applications are in the ‘Cloud’, you’ll need a fast and reliable connection to ensure your business stays running.

At Spitfire our account managers are trained to discuss your business needs to make sure you get the right internet connection at the right price point. We’re proud to offer the widest range of business internet in the UK, from DSL lines if you’re a smaller business to the UK’s fastest Fibre Ethernet connections.


  1. Is the internet critical to your business?

If your internet connection went down for an hour would your business be ok? How about two? Half a day? Longer? How much money would you lose and what impact would it have on your customers?

Today almost all businesses rely on a fast and secure internet connection to operate effectively and any interruption or downtime means a loss of profit and loss of reputation. Although outages are uncommon, they can still happen, leaving your business vulnerable unless you have a back-up solution in place.

All of Spitfire’s circuits have a free or heavily subsidised back up option. In the unlikely event your primary connection fails you can simply revert (either manually or automatically) to the backup connection and you’ll stay connected.


  1. What SLAs are applicable on the circuit?

If something goes wrong with your internet connection, you’ll want to get this resolved as quickly as possible. When upgrading your internet connection be sure to check what Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are included and what the costs are. You’ll need to weigh up what you can afford against the importance of your connection.

Spitfire’s Ethernet circuits have the strongest SLAs in the industry. When it comes to a connectivity fault, we understand the impact this can have on a business and therefore we fast to act and have the expertise with our CCENT and CCNA trained support technicians to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


  1. What is your disaster recovery plan?

If there’s a disaster, what’s your recovery plan? Whether it’s a power cut, flood, system failure or something completely unexpected you’ll need to have a plan in place to make sure your business stays connected. You can’t plan for every eventuality but you should have a process in place should something happen.

Spitfire has the means to offer your business a number of resilient options in order to assist with your disaster recovery strategy. Our highly trained staff can talk you through the best way for your business to stay online without breaking the budget.


  1. How can you minimise the chance of long lead times?

You’ve done the research, shopped around, and decided to upgrade to an Ethernet connection – fantastic! You then get told that it could take up to six months to install your new connection – not so fantastic. Ethernet circuits take longer to install than DSL based Broadband circuits for lots of reasons; sometimes new cabling needs to be installed and wayleaves for construction need to be agreed before work can began. But do not despair – there are steps you can take to minimise lead times and get your new connection installed quicker.

Spitfire have a huge amount of experience in delivering connectivity in an office environment and we would suggest the following actions to help speed up the installation.

  • If you’re in a shared office space talk to your neighbours about their connection. If they have Ethernet, chances are the correct cabling is already installed and Spitfire can take advantage of this.
  • If you don’t own your building, talk to your landlord at the earliest opportunity about possible construction/cabling work for your new connection.
  • Talk to Spitfire about temporary circuits on short term contracts.


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