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Home > Meet the Partner Service Team – James Davis, Partner Team Leader

Meet the Partner Service Team – James Davis, Partner Team Leader

In our next ‘meet the team’ interview we meet James Davis, a Partner Team Leader based in our Midlands office. James is a keen runner with a number of marathons already under his belt.  See what James gets up to after work and why he wants to open a second office in Italy.


How long have you worked at Spitfire?

8 and ½ years, I started my Spitfire journey in September 2009, prior to that I worked at a niche legal headhunting company which was a baptism of fire into the world of work, I learned a lot! At risk of this sounding like a CV, in 2006 I completed my studies at Lancaster University in Sociology writing my dissertation on Network Society and how emerging social media applications such as podcasts connect groups of people globally whilst disconnecting us from our local environment – I suppose that’s where my interest in Networking and Network technology stems from.

What do you enjoy most about working with Spitfire?

There are many things I enjoy about working at Spitfire. I have always enjoyed the professional development aspect of working here, internal training is fantastic and there is a real investment in people which is important to me. Plus the team I work in is full of lively people who challenge and support me in just the right measures. I have a young family and am fully supported by Spitfire in that.


What’s the best thing about working with Spitfire Partners?

Spitfire Partners are great, they really appreciate the emphasis on long term business relationships and high quality solutions, this really suits my personality as I’m big on loyalty and like to be involved in selling products that you can take pride in. I like to have discussions about the ever-changing market we work in and how Spitfire can continue to accommodate customer’s needs. There are always some great ideas thrown around at our Round Table Events.


Working in such a fast moving, ever changing industry, what advice would you give your partners in the current environment? Stick with quality, we always hear buzzwords and new players in the market claiming to be the next best thing. Spitfire know how to deliver well designed engineered solutions with guarantees and that comes from a great depth of experience in the ISP and telecoms sphere. It’s better to retain credibility with customers by recommending solutions backed up by guarantees.


After a busy day looking after our Partners, how do you unwind?

With a wife, 3 young sons & a (still) lively 10 year old Springer Spaniel at home, the real fun starts when I walk in through the door at home. As a family we love Books, Movies, Lego, Nerf Gun Wars, Theme Parks & getting outdoors to the park/beach/mountains of the UK amongst other things. Last summer we visited the New Forest and Portsmouth Dockyards, the Mary Rose exhibition blew us away and I love giving the kids fantastic memories of our days out. I recently completed a marathon for Parkinsons Disease as I enjoy keeping fit and the cause is close to our family. Occasionally I enjoy a beer or 5 with my colleagues and friends, although much less than I used to pre-kids!


Finally if you were asked to set up a new office for Spitfire’s Partner Service anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I’m a big fan of Italian food, culture and history, so although it might not be the best place for productivity, an office on a vineyard in Tuscany would be idyllic. Failing that Dubai as an exciting business landscape.


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